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Academic Sessions for Schools and Colleges

We are pleased to be able to provide faculty sessions, online webinars and experience days, across the academic year for a range of year groups. 

Please find our current opportunities below, as well as the contact information for staff leading the event. 

If you would like to organise a session which doesn't appear on the list below, please contact Becky Heaton at 

Date and Time:




Our Humanities team are offering a wide range of opportunities, for both students and teaching staff, across the 23/24 academic year. To find out more information, please click here.



Please find contact information for all Humanities Outreach events on the information page. Please click here to go to the information page.

Please note, due to high demand, registration is now closed:


Date and time:

Tuesday 17th October 09:45-14:00 



Join us on campus on Tuesday 17th October for our Maths Experience Event. The day will run between 9.45am and 2pm in The Great Hall, Sutherland Building on Northumbria's City Campus. Please note, you will need to be studying Maths at A Level or a recognised equivalent.


Registration Details:

Please note that due to high demand, we have reached capacity. Registration is now closed for this event. 



Please direct any questions or queries to Matteo Sommacal by emailing: 



Please note, due to high demand, registration is now closed:

Date and Time:

Monday 13th November 10:00-14:30 



Are you a current Sixth Form/College student who is interested in studying English Literature, Language or History at University? 

Join us on Northumbria University’s City Campus, on Monday 13th November, for a chance to experience taster sessions in these areas.  

Session details can be found here. 


Register Now:

To register your interest, please click here*.


*Registration will close at 5pm on Friday 3rd November.



Please direct any questions or queries to Katherine Butler by emailing:  

Date and Time:

Every Thursday from 17:30 to 18:30.



Our NUSTEM team are pleased to present a range of activities and online webinars for students and staff. 


NUSTEM evening lectures – starting 9th of November 2023: 

The NUSTEM Evening Lectures are aimed at Y11 to Y13 students and their teachers.  

Each lecture is focused on a different topic and aims to show how Physical Sciences and Mathematics matter and where they can lead.  
The lectures will run every Thursday from 17:30 to 18:30 starting on 9th of November 2023. 

To book a place please visit and click the “book a place“ button next to each lecture abstract. 



For any questions, please contact Antonio Portas via email: 


Timetables for Events

Please find the schedule for the event below. Please note, you will need to bring paper, a pen, a calculator and your own lunch. (Timetable subject to change) 

09.45-10.00: Arrivals 

10.00-10.10: Welcome 

10.10-11.00: Making Sense of Statistics Dr Eduwin Pakpahan  

11.00-11.10: Break  

11.10-12.00: The ubiquity of "e" Dr Matteo Sommacal 

12:00-12:30: Campus Tour 

12:30-13:00: Lunch (Lunch is not provided but campus shops and cafés will be open and there is space for eating packed lunches) 

13.00-13.50: Platonic Solids Dr Gert Botha 

13.50-14.00: Evaluation and Close 

More information about the sessions can be found below. 


Session 1

Title: Making sense of Statistics 

Lecturer: Dr Eduwin Pakpahan 

For some, mathematics is easy, but for others it is the opposite. Statistics, as part of mathematics, is without exception. The language of probability, distributions, hypothesis testing and estimation, is somehow difficult to understand. It becomes more so when the focus is not merely about the numerical results, but the reasoning and the messages those numbers convey. In this talk, we will begin with a brief history of statistics, starting with two statisticians (and their masterpieces) and their contributions to the many fields of science (economics and medicine, in particular). We will illustrate their work using some graphs and tables, and students will be challenged to think about the findings. We will present Simpson's Paradox and the debates between correlation and causation. These problems represent how statistical analysis should be performed carefully and thoughtfully, thus demonstrating it is not only about the methods that we master, but also the understanding of the research questions that we examine. 


Session 2 

Title: The ubiquity of "e" 

Lecturer: Dr Matteo Sommacal 

From calculus to finance, probability, statistics, optimal planning, quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, population dynamics, medicine, epidemiology, the number "e" - aka Euler’s number or Napier's constant - shows in the broadest range of problems as one of the most fundamental constants of nature. Almost mysteriously, it appears prominently and ubiquitously in all branches of pure and applied sciences, allowing to define functions that are at the very foundations of modern mathematics. In this workshop, we will start from an interactive exploration of the idea of compound interest on bank savings and rediscover "e" along the historical line of Jacob Bernoulli's seminal work. We will then give some other striking (and surprisingly unrelated-to-one-another) examples of the pervasive presence of "e" around us and in the universe. 


Session 3 

Title: Platonic Solids 

Lecturer: Dr Gert Botha 

For thousands of years natural philosophers, mathematicians, artists and thinkers have been intrigued by the regular solid shapes that one can form in three dimensions. Each of these enclosed volumes is constructed from identical two-dimensional planes and has the property that all its angles are equal and all its sides have the same length. We shall be looking at how to construct these solids and investigate some of their properties. 

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