Next Steps: Deciding your firm and insurance courses

What you need to consider when making your final university choices

So after lots of agonising and hard work, you’ve submitted your UCAS application – well done! Are you wondering what you should do next? Besides biting your nails while waiting for your offers, that is…

Now is a good time to start thinking about how to narrow down your five courses to a firm and insurance choice. What factors are important to you? Where do you see yourself living? 

With so many things to think about when applying to university it can be a very difficult decision to make. To help guide you through the process, why not check out our series of 'Ask Northumbria' videos below. 

Some other things you might like to consider are:


When you’re trying to narrow down your university choices, location is likely to play a large part in your decision. Wherever you choose, you’re going to spend three to five years there, so if possible take the time to visit each of your chosen universities to get a feel for where you’ll be living.

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Moving away to university is one of the biggest and most exciting steps you’ll take. It's important to think about where you will be living, especially during your first year at university. So, make sure you check out all the accommodation options.

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When you’re trying to decide which universities to put down as your firm and insurance choice, we realise that top of your mind is likely to be ‘how will my course help me start my dream career?’ All universities provide employability statistics on each of their courses.

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Sport, Entertainment and Activities

University is of course about getting your degree; but it’s also about enjoying every minute, self-development and making friends for life. One of the ways you might be able to narrow down your choices is to consider the extra-curricular activities on offer.

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Money Matters

There’s no getting away from it; money is always going to be a concern for students! You might have already considered which of your five choices offer the best scholarships and bursaries. But have you considered the cost of living too?

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