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Employer Information

Few would disagree that staff are an organisation’s most valuable asset. Switched on, skilled people are vital for any business seeking to realise its full potential. But for staff to remain valuable they require development.

Building upon the foundation of your employees’ existing abilities and experience, academic qualifications will allow staff to increase their skills, knowledge and self-awareness - providing a greater sense of value and purpose within your organisation.

Sponsoring your employees to learn online with Northumbria could be the perfect option for you, your business and your employees. Online learning offers your employees the chance to develop their skills whilst still working for your business due the flexibility that online learning brings. Your employees can learn at a time that suits them and their work/lifestyle whilst still gaining that first hand learning experience from our professional academic staff. Your business will also benefit from the great networking opportunities distance learning provides, as your staff will be connecting to a wide online community with other businesses relevant to your industry meaning these connections could lead to further business and collaboration opportunities.

So if you want to enhance your employees’ skills and knowledge whilst rewarding and retaining their talent, take a look at our Distance Learning courses to find an option that could benefit your business. If you have any questions around sponsoring your staff to learn, contact a member of the University Business Development team via the call-back form on our Develop Your People information page.

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