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Zoe Travica


Where are you from?


Why did you choose Northumbria University, Newcastle?

I fell in love with the city of Newcastle when I came for my open day and was determined to study here. Northumbria were a really understanding university as I deferred my offer and changed course and as they were so helpful it confirmed my decision to study at Northumbria.

What do you think of Newcastle and our region and what are your favourite things to do?

I love Newcastle. The city is beautiful and has lots to offer. I love how near to the city I live yet if I get in my car I am near a beach, a nature reserve or even another city within only a couple of minutes! I love exploring Newcastle and finding hidden treasures, and eating out. Newcastle has lots of restaurants which is very important to me!

What has surprised you most about living in Newcastle and this region? What has impressed you most?

The price. As I grew up in Hertfordshire and live so near to London I grew up used to London prices so when I moved to Newcastle the price difference was one of the first things I noticed. Many things have impressed such as the night life (of course), the heritage that is still very present by just walking through Newcastle and I love the Quayside.

Did you find Northumbria University welcoming?  Was it easy to fit in?

Yes, I had lots of doubts in my first year about whether university was for me but Northumbria University and certain lecturers sat down with me and helped me discuss my options and thoughts. Fitting in with the course and my hall mates was very easy and simple to do as there were many Facebook groups for the new year, the course I was taking and the halls I was living in.

What have you enjoyed most about coming to Northumbria University?

The people I have met. As cliche as it sounds I have honestly made friends for life with some of the people I have met at university and that is something I would never change.

Who has helped you most since you came to Northumbria?

Lecturer wise Andy Frith, he has been there from day one and was the lecturer who helped me stick by university in first year which is one of the best things I have done. I go to his office whenever in doubt and he always encourages me to do my best. Whenever I have gained placement he is always one of the first people I tell as I know he will be just as excited as I am. Friend wise, my course friend Daisy. Both her and I drive each other to do the best and support each other both in the good and bad times. Motivating each other to achieve the highest we can.

Who has inspired you most at Northumbria University?

Andy Frith. As mentioned before he motivates me to continue to learn and grow not only within the advertising industry but as a person as well.

What is your favourite place on campus?

The library as odd as that sounds. I did so much work there over my three years and whenever everyone in my course was on crunch time it acted as a place to be sociable as well even though everyone was stressed.

What is the best thing about your course?

Probably the lecturers. Some of the lecturers I have had over the year (Andy Frith, James McDonald, Tom Ellis) have supported me and helped me grow so much. They all actually passionate about the course and the module they were teaching, helping me along the way.

What are the most valuable lessons you have learnt to date?

That hard work really does pay off, as well as communication is key. Talking to people for any number of purposes can help solve numerous issues as well as getting your name out there. The more people you talk to the more people know who you are.

What do you want to do in the future?  What skills have you learned/improved that you think will be of most use in your future career?

I want to work in Advertising and Media in the creative side with my creative partner (who I met on this course). I also want to travel, I went travelling before university and it will definitely always be a massive part of my life.  I've learnt how to work to very tight deadlines whilst still creating high quality pieces of work. My presenting skills have improved massively, as well as the way I put my ideas across. I know now how to present in a way that is enticing and interesting whilst remaining professional throughout.

Have you worked on any projects with businesses or been on a placement?  What were your most memorable experiences?

I have been on three placements throughout my time at university and worked on two projects for real businesses in both second and third year. My final placement and my project in third year were definitely memorable experiences. My placement was in one of my dream company's, allowing me to gain valuable insight from the inside. I was given tasks that allowed me to grow and develop as a person within industry and allowed me to make invaluable connections with people I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to meet.

If you could offer some advice to students thinking of coming to study here what would you say?

Prepare yourself for the next three years as they are honestly going to be your best. Take any and every opportunity to do something. I wish I was more involved with my university and I would strongly recommend that people get involved as much as they can

How do you feel you have changed as a person since being at Northumbria University, Newcastle (e.g. confidence)?

I am definitely more confident and more determined. I have always had a drive to do good and be the best, but being at Northumbria as only encourage me to do more and push me to achieve higher than I thought possible.

If you had 3 words to sum up your time with us what would they be?

Fun, Invaluable, Motivating.

Would you recommend Northumbria University to a friend?

Yes, 100%

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