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Accessibility Support Overview

When you become a student at Northumbria University we want you to get the most out of everything that life here has to offer. We value equal and fair access to Higher Education.and are committed to supporting all students, building an inclusive learning environment and equal opportunities for all.

Depending upon your individual requirements, the Accessibility Support Team can provide a range of services whilst you study.

Depending upon your individual requirements, the Accessibility Support Team can provide a range of services whilst you’re studying at Northumbria. Our services are open to all disabled students and include:

  • A Student Accessibility Plan to ensure all staff working with you know how to support you.

  • An early visit to the campus if you are applying to study at Northumbria.

  • A discussion about study support requirements and individual study support strategies.

  • Establishing eligibility for/advice on applying for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA) to cover the costs of the disability support required during study.

  • Arranging individual or modified exam arrangements.

  • One-to-one specialist dyslexia tutorials or specialist mentoring.

  • Advice on adapted and accessible accommodation and on the physical accessibility of our buildings.

  • The use of our Support Worker Service if you require one-to-one educational support, such as the services of a note taker in lectures or a personal assistant to assist with mobility around the campus.

If you require Accessibility Support whilst studying at Northumbria, our Accessibility Advisers are here to help and can provide you with advice and support if you have:

  • A specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia

  • A long-term medical condition

  • A sensory impairment

  • A mobility impairment

  • An autism spectrum condition

  • A diagnosed mental health condition

  • If you are unsure whether you require Accessibility Support, you are welcome to discuss this in complete confidence with an Accessibility Adviser.

  • Our Accessibility Advisers will help you before and during your studies at Northumbria, making sure that all of your specific academic support requirements are in place.

  • You’ll work with our advisers to form a support plan which is right for you and if at any point during your studies you wish to amend the support in place for you, our advisers will help you to make the relevant changes.

Accessibility support at Northumbria is available through the agreement of a Student Accessibility Plan (SAP).

An agreed Student Accessibility Plan is an individual plan based on discussions with an Accessibility Adviser. Support may include:

  • Notifying your tutors of your disability

  • Recommending teaching adjustments

  • Alternative exam arrangements such as extra time, rest breaks or use of a computer.

  • Arranging human support (also known as non-medical help)

  • Advising on adapted and accessible university accommodation

  • Access to library support

  • Applying for Disabled Students Allowance (UK students & eligible courses only)

Support or funding is not provided for: 

  • Daily living support (for UK students, the local authority in your home area remains responsible for social and personal care and non-study-related support) 

  • Medical support 

If, at any time during your studies, your accessibility needs change and you wish to review the detail of your plan, you can discuss this with our Student Accessibility Team.

  • A monthly Accessing Autism Group, covering additional support from around the University and externally, as well as providing an opportunity to meet other students.

  • Access guides in partnership with AccessAble for all of our buildings and facilities and travel routes around campus.

When applying to Northumbria, please mention any accessibility requirements in your accommodation application so that they can be reviewed and taken into account when allocating rooms (e.g. wheelchair access, accommodation close to campus, an en-suite, medical storage, carer rooms etc).

If you have any questions about accommodation, please contact the accommodation team. Once you have made the decision to study at Northumbria you should apply for accommodation as soon as possible, outlining any accessibility requirements.

For further information on the accessible facilities within University accommodation, please see the Accommodation web page and the AccessAble Accommodation Guide.

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