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Benefits and Tax Credits

If you are a single, full-time student with no qualifying disability or dependents, you cannot usually claim Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance or Housing Benefit throughout your course, including the vacation periods. 

If you have a child/children or are disabled then you will be entitled to continue to claim relevant Benefits but those that are means-tested will be offset against your student funding and may be reduced to nil payment during term-time.

However, you must report a relevant change in circumstances such as occupation, income, or relationship status, to your Benefits providers. These changes do not affect any non means-tested Benefit e.g. DLA/PIP, but do reduce means-tested Benefits such as Housing Benefit and Income Support.

It is mandatory for means-tested Benefit such as Housing Benefit recipients, that you MUST inform your Benefit provider of any new income e.g. Maintenance Loan.

Students who are already in receipt of Disability Benefits such as DLA/PIP or ESA(ir) should be aware that non-taxable Benefits do not affect your student funding application, nor does becoming a full-time student automatically disqualify you from receiving these Benefits.

As full-time students are no longer looking for full-time employment (irrespective of whether you are looking for ancillary employment) you cannot continue to claim JSA.

You may be able to receive Income Support during the long summer vacation (see the link below) but your claim will end when you notify DWP you have begun a full-time course because of the Maintenance Loan entitlement.

Full-time students are personally exempt from paying Council Tax and so you should contact your council as per their details on your bill to inform them.  If you are the only “liable person” resident in your home then your council tax bill will be reduced by 100% from the date you became a full-time student. If there is another liable person who is not also exempt then your bill will be reduced by 25%.

Pre-existing arrears will not be exempted!

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