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Students Seeking Asylum and Student Refugees

Northumbria University recognises the unique and difficult circumstances students who are seeking asylum and student refugees may experience and the challenges this may create in accessing Higher Education. As such, the university offers a range of pre-entry services through NU Belong to any refugees or students seeking asylum considering university, including application support. Students seeking asylum who apply, and are then made an offer to study at Northumbria, may then be eligible to apply for a Sanctuary Scholarship. For students awarded the Sanctuary Scholarship, the NU Belong support offer then continues throughout your studies, aiming to continue to support students to feel welcomed and encouraged towards success through education.

Refugee – Your claim for asylum has been recognised and you have been granted official refugee status. Humanitarian Protection may be granted in the alternative.

Asylum Seeker or someone who has been granted limited leave to remain – You are in the process of seeking asylum, or you have been given permission to stay temporarily in the UK.

The university recognises that as a refugee or asylum seeker, you may face some unique challenges on your journey to university. As such, we have a dedicated member of our outreach team who can provide information and advice to support you from deciding if university is right for you, through to applying and transitioning to university.

As a refugee or asylum seeker, you would likely be eligible for one of our supported entry schemes. These schemes offer a range of support and opportunities, to help students throughout their journey to Northumbria University. In addition to the information and support provided through the scheme, successful completion of one of the supported entry schemes enables students to earn supported entry scheme points, equivalent to UCAS tariff points, when applying to Northumbria university.

For more information about these schemes and to apply, please visit our supported entry scheme webpage.

Students seeking asylum or refugees wishing to find out more and visit the university, should get in touch to discuss arranging an individual campus visit, which will also provide you with an opportunity to find out more about the bespoke support we offer for asylum seekers and refugees.

We are here to support you throughout your journey to university and are able to provide information and advice for refugee and asylum seekers on an individual basis throughout the university application process.

If you are currently holding an offer with us and require any support or have any questions about the transition, please do get in touch.

Students currently seeking asylum in the UK and holding an offer with Northumbria University may also be eligible to apply for a Sanctuary Scholarship, to support you throughout your time studying at Northumbria. Further information about applying for a sanctuary scholarship and the support provided to those awarded the Sanctuary Scholarship, can be found below.



How we can help whilst you study with us?

The Student Inclusion Team, based within Student Life and Wellbeing, is a key point of contact for Sanctuary Scholars within the University whilst you study with us.  The team offers advice on a range of issues and has a dedicated Wellbeing Practitioner who can advise on welfare, financial, academic and health matters and act as a referral point into other support services within the University. Here are the ways we can support you through NU Belong:


Northumbria University is proud to provide a small number of scholarships to potential student asylum seekers through our Sanctuary Scholarships. Details on our Sanctuary Scholarship including the eligibility criteria and terms and conditions can be viewed here.

Please note that students must have already made an application to study at Northumbria prior to applying for the Sanctuary Scholarship.

NU Belong provides a designated named contact within Student Life and Wellbeing for Sanctuary Scholars. They can assist you if you are experiencing difficulties, have any concerns and are unsure on where to go for help. Whether you have academic, wellbeing or personal concerns, your designated contact can offer guidance, support and referrals into other University services if required. Our aim is to ensure that our students receive the right advice and support from the right people when needed.

Your designated contact from the Student Inclusion Team will also contact you once a term as a commitment to offering the opportunity for a 1 -1 appointment. These are not mandatory but 1 – 1 time can be beneficial for students to discuss any specific worries or concerns, an opportunity to reflect or set future goals, or as an opportunity to simply chat through how you are getting along.

As you will be aware, you are required to update the University Compliance Team when you receive a decision on your asylum claim or if there are any changes to your Bail conditions. We can arrange for the Visa Compliance Manager to attend any meetings we have to discuss any aspect of your enrolment and she will be happy to assist. At this time, she can also update you on any contact the Compliance Team have been required to make with the Home Office. If you would like her details regarding any questions or concerns, she can be contacted directly at:

NU Belong will promote opportunities, initiatives and events aimed at enhancing your student experience, engagement and empowering you towards success. Students are able to agree to receive communications on these from the Student Inclusion Team as part of the online enrolment but can also opt-in at any point.



How to Contact Us:

Current students can enquire via their Student Portal. If you are not a current student and you would like to contact us please use this form and we'll be in touch 

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