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Ryan | She/They | Postgraduate Content Creator | Psychology MSc


My name is Ryan (she/they), and I am a postgraduate at Northumbria University studying Psychology. I like to think of my personality as being driven, realistic, hard-working, honest, and relatively chaotic.

I have many interests, such as true crime, dark comedy, and horror movies. Still, my favourite hobby is creating content for my TikTok page. On my account, I have enjoyed making content about being part of the LGBTQ community as a pansexual woman but also making relatable content about mental health.

Throughout my life, I have always suffered from mental illness. For most of it, it was only acknowledged or supported at the bare minimum. I enjoy sharing my own experiences through comedy, which others can find relatable and feel less alone. This is why, in the future, I would like to raise awareness for psychological illnesses in a non-stigmatised way. This would be through writing specific research papers about personality and mood disorders alongside sharing relevant information on social media.

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