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Design journeys to address systemic difficulties and establish fairer futures: Revealing patterns and celebrating ingenuity.

To design ways to actively transition into fairer and healthier ways of living, we need to better understand how systems create conditions that damage the planet and make life difficult, unhealthy, and unjust for many people.

We build collaborative environments for design journeys that help us see the systemic and dynamic settings for societal challenges and understand the difficult decisions we face amongst competing factors and compelling priorities. We are concerned with the patterns of practices and behaviour that maintain and challenge system structures. Our task is learning how to recognise patterns and challenge them both in social and technical systems and our individual lives.

We bring together a multidisciplinary community of academics, scholars, partners and members of the public to build the conditions where everyone can play a part in designing and committing to journeys towards a world of common wellbeing and equity. We connect institutional areas of expertise through an expandable series of studios for design-led projects; creating opportunities for students to experience vertically integrated multidisciplinary challenge-focused authentic learning.

By enhancing empathetic dialogue between diverse groups of people who care about shared issues, we help people find common ground, understand differences and unpack biases. Through authenticity, thoughtfulness, and transparency, we nurture inclusive conditions where people can genuinely reflect, learn, advocate, navigate and collaboratively feel empowered to take action on these topics.

Through this ongoing practice, we aim to build a deeper understanding of cultures, dominant narratives, and practical alternatives to our current ways of living.


The Responsible Innovation Hub at Northumbria University is the home of: 

Multidisciplinary Innovation MA/MSc

Northumbria DESIS Lab 

Responsible Design Innovation Research Group 

The Responsible Innovation Hub Team

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 Watch the Design Matters Seminar Series on YouTube:

The seminar series is dedicated to promoting our understanding of design-led approaches for social innovation and social entrepreneurship. The series is a contribution to our understandings of (WG1) Design-led approaches to Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship as part of the COST Action (CA18236) Multi-Disciplinary Innovation for Social Change.