Research and Innovation

Many of the staff in the department came into the academic world after many years working in education or welfare services for individuals, families and communities provided by local authorities, health trusts and voluntary sector organisations across the UK and further afield. We are committed to the principles of human rights and social justice and aim to promote the education, health and wellbeing of disadvantaged children and adults in everything that we do.

Our internationally recognised research, which aims to make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged individuals, groups and communities, is based on the belief that understanding their lives and circumstances, as well as how to overcome any challenges that they face, is best developed by working collaboratively. Much of our research is undertaken in partnership with local communities and those who provide them with support, including carers, professionals and volunteers. It aims to give a voice to those who are otherwise likely to go unheard in order to evaluate existing provision and services and co-produce insights into social problems and how to address them.

Areas of research expertise