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Katy Hamilton

Why did you choose to study at Northumbria University?

I chose Northumbria because when I came and visited here I could see myself working in the classrooms and the kitchen and labs and I just loved it - there is a great environment.

What was it about the course that particularly appealed?

I've always loved food and when you visit the kitchens they are perfect, you could see yourself working there and the same with the labs. They had all the equipment you might need.

What did you do after you graduated?

After graduating I decided to take a few months off and enjoy my last summer of freedom before starting to look for work. When it felt right I signed up with an agency that specialised in jobs within the food industry. Within two weeks I had been offered a job with Ulrick & Short Limited as their Technical Administrator.

What are you doing now?

I am still working at Ulrick & Short Limited.  Without my degree it would have been impossible to get this dream job. Since being here I have been given the opportunity to complete courses in: Intermediate HACCP, Presentation Skills and Lead Auditors Course. With these extra qualifications I have taken over the auditing for the company and have travelled to Germany, Holland and Brazil. This year I have a further trip to Brazil and Taiwan to look forward to. 

How did your degree at Northumbria benefit your career?

Northumbria opened my eyes to what I could achieve!


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