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Strategic Performance Committee

The University established a Strategic Performance Committee in early 2011 to provide a forum within the governance structure for the monitoring of the University’s strategic activities and to provide constructive challenge and input to Executive decisions in this area. The Committee is not a standard feature of most HEIs’ structures, and is most closely akin to Strategic Development or Chair’s Committees which exist in a limited number of HEIs, although the membership of the Committee does not follow these models. While this role is performed across all committees in the University’s corporate and academic governance structure, there are clear benefits to bringing Executive and Board members together to discuss strategic performance and delivery, along with the opportunities and threats which arise from them, including:

  • bringing multi-faceted performance and risk discussions into a single forum to help make sense of complex issues and support the Executive in joining-up and streamlining strategic development and delivery;
  • providing a space for the Executive to engage with Board members and seek expertise and input on proposed innovations and initiatives;
  • supporting the Executive in its responsibility for delivering on strategic objectives and outcomes;

Membership 2020/21

Craig Apsey -  Chair (Independent Governor)

Roberta Blackman-Woods (Independent Governor)

Sophie Haagensen (Independent Governor)

Helen Thorne (Independent Governor)

Simon Yellowley (Independent Governor)

Professor Andrew Wathey (Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive)

Gaz Smith (Student Governor, Students’ Union President)

Jean Brown (Staff Governor)



Secretary: Georgina Bailes

Assistant Secretary: Richard Elliott,

Officers in Regular Attendance

Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Professor Tom Lawson  

Director of Strategic Planning :  Daniel Monnery

Director of Human Resources & Occupational Development:  Jane Embley

Marketing Director: Adam Dunlop

Finance Director: Simon Newitt 

Dates and times of Strategic Performance Committee Meetings in 2020/21




Monday 07 September 2020


Microsoft Teams

Tuesday 08 December 2020


Microsoft Teams

Thursday 01 February 2021


Microsoft Teams

 Monday 14 June 2021 1.30pm  Microsoft Teams




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