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Employment and Finance Committee

The specific financial remit of the Employment and Finance Committee includes overseeing the financial strategy of the University through review of financial performance and recommending the annual budget and five-year forecasts to the Board. The Committee plays a key role in reviewing the Financial Statements and recommends these to the Audit Committee for subsequent scrutiny prior to Board adoption. Contracts of £2m or more are also approved by the Committee.

The Committee considers and approves the University’s financial policies and regulations, including the Treasury Management activities of investment and borrowing. In addition, the Committee considers and approves fees charged by the University for its academic programmes and University accommodation, and monitors the financial performance of the Students’ Union. As well as on-going estates and capital project initiatives, the Committee plays an increasing role going forward in overseeing the development and delivery of the University’s IT Strategy.

Terms of Reference 2019/20

Membership 2020/21

Helen Fairfoul – Chair (Independent Governor)

Craig Apsey (Independent Governor)

Roberta Blackman-Woods (Independent Governor)

Dr Stuart Fancey  (Independent Governor)

Sally Pelham (Independent Governor)

Nick Pope (Independent Governor)

Professor Andrew Wathey (Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive)

Lorraine Brown, Staff Governor (In Attendance – with full contribution rights)

Ava Sjoberg, Student Governor, Students’ Union Vice-President Education (In Attendance – with full contribution rights)


Secretary:  Georgina Bailes

Assistant Secretary: Richard Elliott


Officers in Regular Attendance

Director of Human Resources & Occupational Development: Jane Embley

Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Prof. Tom Lawson

Finance Director: Simon Newitt

Marketing Director: Adam Dunlop

Director of Strategic Planning: Daniel Monnery


Dates and Times of Employment and Finance Committee Meetings in 2020/21




Tuesday 22 September 2020


Microsoft Teams


Monday 09 November 2020 1.00pm

Microsoft Teams


Monday 15 March 2021


Microsoft Teams

Monday 07 June 2021


Microsoft Teams




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