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Remuneration Committee

Remuneration Committee is a Committee of the Board of Governors and has delegated authority to oversee the framework for, and specific decisions in relation to [a] base pay and [b] wider remuneration and reward of the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, University Executive (UE) and wider Senior Management Group (SMG) members. In this context, base pay refers to the gross (pre-tax, non-consolidated remuneration paid to senior staff. Total remuneration includes: pension benefits and alternatives offered in lieu of employer pension contributions for taxation purposes, the outcomes of any performance-based incentive scheme, any other taxable and non-taxable benefits, including private health insurance.

The University complies with the CUC’s Higher Education Senior Staff Remuneration Code (2014) and has published a remuneration statement on pages 31-35 of the University’s published annual report and financial statements which can be accessed here

In addition to this a fuller report which provides additional context and information on Northumbria’s approach to, and arrangements for, senior staff remuneration was presented to the Board of Governors. The Board agreed that the full report should also be published, and it is accessible below:

Annual Senior Staff Remuneration Report 2017/18

Terms of Reference 2019/20

Membership 2020/21

Peter Judge, MBE (Chair)

Helen Fairfoul (Independent Governor)

Roberta Blackman-Woods (Chair of the Board and Pro-Chancellor)

Graeme Hudson (External co-opted Committee Member)

In Attendance:

Georgina Bailes (Secretary)

Professor Andrew Wathey (except for any deliberations and discussions relation to his own remuneration and reward)

Jane Embley (Director of Human Resources & Occupational Development)

Dates and Times of Remuneration Committee Meetings in 2020/21




Thursday 22 October 2020


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Thursday 18 March 2021


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Monday 07 June 2021


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