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Prof Ignazio Cabras

Head of Department

Department: Newcastle Business School


Ignazio Cabras is the Head of the Accounting and Financial Management Department and Faculty Director for International Research Partnerships.

Before joining NBS, Ignazio worked at the universities of York, Edinburgh Napier, and Central Lancashire. His research interests are focused on economics and environment, with particular emphasis on regional growth and development, public sector management, employment issues, urban-rural dynamics, sustainability, community cohesion and social capital, industry and innovation, knowledge economies and ICT.

Ignazio's publication record includes more than 60 published works comprising journal articles, books and book chapters, and research reports. He peer-reviews articles for British and international scientific journals on regular basis, and seats in the Editorial Advisory Board of several academic journals.

Ignazio is Vice-President of the Beeronomics Society and a big supporter of Cagliari, the Sardinian football team which plays in the Italian Serie A (dai Casteddu!)




Cabras, I., Sohns, F., Canduela, J. & Toms, S. (2020) Public houses and house prices in Great Britain: a panel analysis. European Planning Studies 29(1): 163-180

Cabras, I., Lorusso, M. & Waehning, N. (2020), Measuring the economic contribution of beer festivals on local economies: The case of York, United Kingdom. International Journal of Tourism Research 22(6): 739-750

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Weber G.; Calaif M.; Puig I.; Cabras I. and D'Alisa, G. (2018) ‘The role of environmental organisations on urban transformation: The case of waste management in Esporles (Mallorca)’. Journal of Cleaner Production 195(5):1496-1597

Cabras I. and Mount M. (2017): ‘How third place foster and shape community cohesion, economic development and social capital: the case of pubs in rural Ireland’. Journal of Rural Studies 55(5)

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Cabras I. (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) ‘British Beer: A report on the Annual Survey of the Society of Independent Brewers’. Commissioned and published by SIBA.

Cabras, I.; Shaw K.; Peck F.; Mulvey G.; Danson, M. (2018) ‘The implications of Brexit for economic development and devolved governance in the North of England’. Report for the ESRC UK in a Changing Europe.

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Cabras I. and Mount M. (2015) ‘The importance of pubs in shaping community cohesion and socio-economic activities in rural areas of England’. Report for the British Academy.



Hoerber, T.; Weber, G.; and Cabras, I. (2021) Handbook of European Intergrations. London: Routledge (forthcoming)

Cabras, I. and Ellison, K. (2018) ‘Craft Beer and Beer Festivals: Exploring the potential for local economies and gastro-tourism in the UK’, in Bellini N.; Clergeu, C. and Etcheverria O. (Eds.): Gastronomy and Local Development: The Quality of Producst, Places and experiences. London: Routledge. ISBN: 978-1-138-731998

Cabras I. (2017) ‘Beer on! Beer on! the Evolution of Micro- and Craft Brewing in the UK’, in Garavaglia C. and Swinnen J. (Eds.): Economic Perspectives on Craft Beer: A Revolution in the Global Beer Industry. London: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN: 978-3-319-58234-4

Cabras I. (2017) ‘A Pint of Success: How Beer Is Revitalizing Cities and Local Economies in the United Kingdom’, in Chapman N., Lellock J. S., and Lippard D. (Eds.): Untapped: Exploring the Cultural Dimensions of Craft Beer. Morgantown: West Virginia University Press. ISBN: 978-1-943665-68-6

Cabras I., Higgins D. and Preece D. (2016) Beer, Brewing and Pubs: a Global Perspective. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN: 978-1-137-466181

Cabras I. and Higgins D. (2016) The History of the Beer and Brewing Industry. London: Routledge. ISBN: 978-1-138-666993

Cabras I (2014) 'The Case of Rural Co-operatives and their Potential for Local Communities in the UK', in Bosworth G. and Somerville P. (Eds.): Interpreting Rurality: Multidisciplinary Approaches. London: Routledge. ISBN: 987-1-134-090518



Fiona Bannert; PhD 2019. Northumbria University [as Principal Supervisor] 

Gbemisola OGBOLU; PhD 2017. Northumbria University [as Principal Supervisor]   

Gosia Slusarczyk PhD. 2016. Northumbria University [as Second Supervisor] 


Ignazio Cabras

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Becoming the World’s Biggest Brewer: Artois, Piedbouef and Interbrew (1880-2000) by Kenneth Bertrands, Julien Del Marmol, Sander Geerts, Eline Poelmans, Oxford University Press, 2020, £75.00 [Hardback], ISBN: 970-0-19-882908-9, Cabras, I. 12 May 2021, In: Business History
  • Environmental Justice and Just Transition in the EU’s Sustainability Policies in Third Countries: The Case of Colombia, Weber, G., Cabras, I. 28 Jul 2021, In: International Spectator
  • Public houses and house prices in Great Britain: a panel analysis, Cabras, I., Sohns, F., Canduela, J., Toms, S. 2 Jan 2021, In: European Planning Studies
  • Measuring the economic contribution of beer festivals on local economies: The case of York, United Kingdom, Cabras, I., Lorusso, M., Waehning, N. 1 Nov 2020, In: International Journal of Tourism Research
  • De-privatisation and remunicipalisation of urban services through the pendulum swing: Evidence from Germany, Weber, G., Frahm, G., Cabras, I. 1 Nov 2019, In: Journal of Cleaner Production
  • How the Business Model of Customisable Card Games Influences Player Engagement, Hodge, V., Sephton, N., Devlin, S., Cowling, P., Goumagias, N., Shao, J., Purvis, K., Cabras, I., Fernandes, K., Li, F. 23 Dec 2019, In: IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games
  • Promoting Waste Degrowth and Environmental Justice at a Local Level: The Case of Unit-Pricing Schemes in Spain, Weber, G., Cabras, I., Calaf-Forn, M., Puig-Ventosa, I., D'Alisa, G. Feb 2019, In: Ecological Economics
  • The availability of local services and its impact on community cohesion in rural areas: Evidence from the English countryside, Cabras, I., Lau, C. 1 May 2019, In: Local Economy
  • Beer on! The evolution of micro- and craft brewing in the UK, Cabras, I. 20 Jan 2018, Economic Perspectives on Craft Beer, Palgrave Macmillan
  • Craft beers and beer festivals: Exploring the potential for local economies and gastro-tourism in the UK, Cabras, I., Ellison, K. 22 Oct 2018, Gastronomy and Local Development, London, Taylor & Francis

PGR Supervision

  • Fiona Bannert Climate finance, national innovation systems and public policy Start Date: 01/03/2018
  • Malgorzata Slusarczyk Start Date: 01/11/2016 End Date: 07/04/2020
  • Gbemisola Ogbolu Start Date: 01/10/2017 End Date: 31/10/2019
  • Fiona Bannert Start Date: 01/03/2018 End Date: 31/10/2019
  • Malgorzata Slusarczyk The impact of food quality schemes on local economic development in the EU Start Date: 06/04/2020


  • Economics PhD April 08 2008
  • Economics MSc July 08 2004
  • Economics BSc (Hons) November 26 2002

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