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Dr Jonathan Knowles


Department: Applied Sciences

Jonathan Knowles is a Lecturer in Chemistry in the Department of Applied Sciences.

Jonathan graduated with an MChem degree from Durham University in 2005, and remained at Durham to complete his PhD under the supervision of Professor Andy Whiting. Following two years in an industrial research position he then moved to the position of Research Officer within the Booker-Milburn group at the University of Bristol, working on synthetic and mechanistic projects in the areas of photochemistry and palladium catalysis. In 2019 he was appointed to his current role at Northumbria University.

Jonathan Knowles

Key Publications

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  • A low temperature, vinylboronate ester-mediated, iterative cross-coupling approach to xanthomonadin polyenyl pigment analogues, Madden, K., Knowles, J., Whiting, A. 8 Nov 2019, In: Tetrahedron
  • A Rapid Synthetic Approach to the ABCD Core of the Stemona Alkaloids, Connelly, R., Knowles, J., Booker-Milburn, K. 4 Jan 2019, In: Organic Letters
  • Using Nature’s polyenes as templates, Madden, K., Jokhoo, H., Conradi, F., Knowles, J., Mullineaux, C., Whiting, A. 21 Apr 2019, In: Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry
  • Approaches to Styrenyl Building Blocks for the Synthesis of Polyene Xanthomonadin and its Analogues, Madden, K., Laroche, B., David, S., Batsanov, A., Thompson, D., Knowles, J., Whiting, A. 17 Oct 2018, In: European Journal of Organic Chemistry
  • Using Batch Reactor Results to Calculate Optimal Flow Rates for the Scale-Up of UV Photochemical Reactions, Knowles, J., Elliott, L., Stacey, C., Booker-Milburn, K. 1 Feb 2018, In: Reaction Chemistry and Engineering
  • Combining Photochemistry and Catalysis: Rapid Access to sp3 – rich Polyheterocycles from Simple Pyrroles, Blackham, E., Knowles, J., Burgess, J., Booker-Milburn, K. 1 Mar 2016, In: Chemical Science
  • Conformationally Driven 2- and 3-Photon Cascade Processes in the Stereoselective Photorearrangement of Pyrroles, Koovits, P., Knowles, J., Booker-Milburn, K. 4 Nov 2016, In: Organic Letters
  • Real-Time Biological Annotation of Synthetic Compounds, Gerry, C., Hua, B., Wawer, M., Knowles, J., Nelson, S., Verho, O., Dandapani, S., Wagner, B., Clemons, P., Booker-Milburn, K., Boskovic, Z., Schreiber, S. 20 Jul 2016, In: Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • Unusually Facile Thermal Homodienyl-[1,5]-Hydrogen Shift Reactions in Photochemically Generated Vinyl Aziridines, Knowles, J., Booker-Milburn, K. 1 Aug 2016, In: Chemistry - A European Journal
  • Heck-Mizoroki Cross-Coupling of Vinyl Iodide and Applications in the Synthesis of Dienes and Trienes, Madden, K., David, S., Knowles, J., Whiting, A. 21 Jul 2015, In: Chemical Communications


Chemistry PhD September 01 2008

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Organic Synthesis; Palladium Catalysis; Organosilicon Chemistry; Organoboron Chemistry; Bioactive Synthesis; Reaction Mechanism; Physical Organic Chemistry


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