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Dr Helen Kopnina

Senior Lecturer

Department: Newcastle Business School

Dr. Kopnina, Helen (Ph.D. Cambridge University, 2002) is the author of over two hundred peer-reviewed articles and (co)author and (co)editor of seventeen books on interrelated topics of environmental sustainability, circular economy, biological conservation, environmental ethics and animal ethics, and environmental education.

Helen Kopnina

Key Publications

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  • Biomimicry design thinking education: a base-line exercise in preconceptions of biological analogies, Stevens, L., Kopnina, H., Mulder, K., De Vries, M. 1 Sep 2021, In: International Journal of Technology and Design Education
  • Ecodemocracy in practice: exploration of debates on limits and possibilities of addressing environmental challenges within democratic systems, Kopnina, H., Spannring, R., Hawke, S., Robertson, C., Thomasberger, A., Maloney, M., Morini, M., Lynn, W., Muhammad, N., Santiago-Ávila, F., Begovic, H., Baranowski, M. 22 May 2021, In: Visions for Sustainability
  • Exploring posthuman ethics: opening new spaces for postqualitative inquiry within pedagogies of the circular economy , Kopnina, H. 12 Oct 2021, In: Australian Journal of Environmental Education
  • (Im)possibilities of “circular” production: Learning from corporate case studies of (un)sustainability, Kopnina, H., Padfield, R. 1 Dec 2021, In: Environmental and Sustainability Indicators
  • “Nano” Regeneration: How Human Agency Intermediates Between Nature and Technology in Community-Based Energy, Walther, C., Poldner, K., Kopnina, H., Dentoni, D. 1 Dec 2021, In: Organization and Environment
  • Protecting Half the Planet and Transforming Human Systems Are Complementary Goals, Crist, E., Kopnina, H., Cafaro, P., Gray, J., Ripple, W., Safina, C., Davis, J., DellaSala, D., Noss, R., Washington, H., Rolston, H., Taylor, B., Orlikowska, E., Heister, A., Lynn, W., Piccolo, J. 18 Nov 2021, In: Frontiers in Conservation Science
  • The role of ecotourism in nature needs half vision, Kopnina, H. 22 Dec 2021, Routledge Handbook of Ecotourism, London, Routledge
  • The Trouble with Anthropocentric Hubris, with Examples from Conservation, Washington, H., Piccolo, J., Gomez-Baggethun, E., Kopnina, H., Alberro, H. 1 Oct 2021, In: Conservation
  • Towards Ecological Management: Identifying Barriers and Opportunities in Transition from Linear to Circular Economy, Kopnina, H. 1 Mar 2021, In: Philosophy of Management
  • Ecocentric education: Introduction to a special collection of essays, Kopnina, H. 21 Aug 2020, In: Education Sciences


Philosophy PhD March 23 2002

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