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Prof Khamid Mahkamov

Professor in Mechanical Engineering

Department: Mechanical and Construction Engineering

Khamid Mahkamov has MEng and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Bauman Moscow Technical University in the field of Heat Engines.

Khamid Mahkamov has MEng and PhD  in Mechanical Engineering  from Bauman Moscow Technical University in the field of Heat Engines.  Prior to joining Northumbria University in 2011  he worked in the Academy of Sciences (USSR, 13 years),   at Leeds University (Research Fellow, 2 years) and  in the Energy Group of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences of Durham University (9 years) where he held various academic positions. 

Professor Mahkamov is a member of Editorial Board of the Journals of Renewable Energy (Elsevier) and Energetika - Proceedings of CIS Higher Education Institutions (Minsk, Belarus). He is also a member of International Council for Stirling Cycle Machines and a part of Membership Committee of Energy Institute (UK). In 2010 he won IMECHE Harold Disney Prize for the best 2009 paper in the power industry.

He teaches modules related to Thermo-Fluids  and Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technologies.

Since joining Northumbria in  2011 Prof Mahkamov has won, as Principle Investigator, the following externally funded grants for the University: 

Research & Enterprise Projects

  • 2016: €4,000,000 – INNOVA MICROSOLAR, EU (Horizon 2020), 48 months (Project Coordinator)
  • 2016: €195,235 -  THERMOSTALL, EU, 24 months
  • 2014: €309,235 -  ENTAS, EU, 24 months
  • 2013: €299,558 - BIO-GREEN IC ENGINE, EU, 24 months
  • 2012: £128,104 – KTP: Air fan and water pump improvements for automotive applications, TSB & AVID ,  24 months

Learning & Teaching Projects 

  • 2017: €1,000,000 - ERASMUS PLUS/585849, EU, 36 months (Project Coordinator).

  • 2015: €1,000,000 - ERASMUS PLUS/561807, EU, 36 months (Project Coordinator)
  • 2013: €107,000 -  TEMPUS/544339, EU, 36 months
  • 2011: €172,000 -  TEMPUS/511069, EU, 36 months

0191 243 7510



Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Research interests of Professor Mahkamov are focussed on the design development, mathematical modelling and experimental testing of various mechanical energy conversion systems operating on both fossil fuels and thermal renewable energy sources.

The topics of his current research activities are:

  • Stirling engines and Stirling-Stirling cycle machines;
  • Internal combustion engines;
  • Micro   CHP systems;
  • Solar Thermal Energy (Dish/Engine, Parabolic Trough/Engine; Solar Water Collectors, Solar - Thermal Water Pumps);
  • Heat/Cold accumulation using phase-changing materials;
  • Biofuel combustion in IC engines and Biomass gasification;
  • Gas/Oil/Biofuel   Burners, Boilers and Incinerators;
  • Thermal management of electrical generators and components of electricity distribution network.

PhD students (at Northumbria as a Principal Supervisor)


  • Dr Athanasios Alexakis, CFD Modelling of Stirling Engines with Complex Design Topologies, 2013;
  • Dr Basim Belgasim, Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Dynamic Solar Water Desalination Unit, 2013;
  • Dr Kwanchai Kraitong, Numerical Modelling and Design Optimisation of Stirling Engines for Power Production, 2012.
  • Dr Maher Al-Maghalseh, Compact solar thermal energy storage systems using phase-change materials, 2014
  • Dr Georgios Gkounis, Assessment of economical and ecological benefits of small scale heat and power systems for domestic application, 2015
  • Dr Ayodeji Olubayo Sowale, Numerical Modelling and Optimisation of Free Piston Stirling Engines for Micro CHP Application, 2016
  • Dr Gamal  Hashem, Development of Solar Cooling Systems based on a Fluid Piston Converter, 2016
  • Dr Khaled M A Hossin, Dynamic Modelling and Thermo-Economic Optimisation of a Small-Scale Hybrid Solar/Biomass Organic Rankine Cycle Power System, 2017


  • Mr Nabil Elsharif,  Solar water desalination using multi-effect water stills with reduced internal pressure;
  • Ms Atainu Mbikan, Numerical and experimental investigation of the operation of a small downdraft biomass gasifier.
  • Mr Mohammed Ismail, Intensification of heat transfer in thermal storage systems with phase change materials
  • Mr Hassan Mahmood, Enchaining performance of a small solar thermal  Combined Heat and Power plant.

Sponsors and Collaborators

Prof Mahkamov has been cooperating  with a number of industrial, educational and research establishments in the UK and  other European countries, New Zealand,  former USSR, Brazil, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine  etc. on Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technology  projects funded by UK industry, EU, Royal Society, NATO and EPSRC.

Current/Recent Projects

Research & Enterprise Projects

  • 2016: €4,000,000 – INNOVA MICROSOLAR - Innovative Micro Solar Heat and Power System for Domestic and Small Business Residential Buildings, EU (Horizon 2020), 48 months  (Role: Project Coordinator. Consortium – 3 Universities and 6 Industrial Companies from UK, France, Italy and Spain);
  • 2016: €195,235 -  THERMOSTALL - High Performance Seasonal Solar Energy Latent Heat Thermal Storage Using Low Grade, Low Melting Temperature Metallic Alloys, EU, 24 months
  • 2014: €309,235- ENTAS - Enhancing Thermal Properties of PCM Using Nano Materials, EU, 24 months
  • 2013: €299,558 – BIO GREEN IC ENGINE - Novel multizone thermodynamic model  for rapid optimisation of working process of Internal Combustion Engines run on advanced biofuels, EU, 24 months
  • 2012: £128,104 - Improving the design of  air fan and water pump  for automotive  applications,  TSB (KTP),  24 months

Learning & Teaching Projects

  • 2017: €1,000,000 - ERASMUS PLUS/585849, EU, 36 months (Role - Project Coordinator. Consortium – 3 Universities from UK, Italy and Spain and 6 Universities from China, Russia and Kazakhstan); 

  • 2015: €1,000,000 - ERASMUS PLUS/561807, EU, 36 months (Role - Project Coordinator. Consortium – 3 Universities from UK, Italy and Spain and 6 Universities from Brazil, Colombia and Cuba)
  • 2013: €107,000 -  TEMPUS/544339, EU, 36 months
  • 2011: €172,000 -  TEMPUS/511069, EU, 36 months




Key Publications

S Karmacharya, G Putrus, CP Underwood, K Mahkamov, S McDonald, A Alexakis (2013)
Simulation of energy use in buildings with multiple micro generators. Applied Thermal Engineering, 62(2). Pp. 581-592 ISSN 1359-4311

Makhkamova, Irina, Mahkamov, Khamid and Taylor, P. C. (2013) CFD thermal modelling of Lynx overhead conductors in distribution networks with integrated Renewable Energy Driven Generators. Applied Thermal Engineering, 58 (1-2). pp. 522-535. ISSN 1359-4311

Martínez, Juan Daniel, Mahkamov, Khamid, Andrade, Rubenildo and Silva Lora, Electo (2012) Syngas production in downdraft biomass gasifiers and its application using internal combustion engines. Renewable Energy, 38 (1). pp. 1-9. ISSN 0960-1481

Centeno, Felipe, Mahkamov, Khamid, Silva Lora, Electo and Andrade, Rubenildo (2012) Theoretical and experimental investigations of a downdraft biomass gasifier-spark ignition engine power system. Renewable Energy, 37 (1). pp. 97-108. ISSN 0960-1481

Shatat, Mahmoud and Mahkamov, Khamid (2010) Determination of rational design parameters of a multi-stage solar water desalination still using transient mathematical modelling. Renewable Energy, 35 (1). pp. 52-61. ISSN 0960-1481

Veitch, D.C.G. and Mahkamov, Khamid (2009) Assessment of economical and ecological benefits from deployment of a domestic combined heat and power unit based on its experimental performance. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy, 223 (7). pp. 783-798. ISSN 0957-6509

Kuleshov, A. and Mahkamov, Khamid (2008) Multi-zone diesel fuel spray combustion model for the simulation of a diesel engine running on biofuel. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy, 222 (3). pp. 309-321. ISSN 0957-6509

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