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Dr Lynn McInnes

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Department: Psychology

Lynn is a Senior Lecturer within the Department of Psychology.

Dr Lynn Mclnnes Staffprofile Northumbriauniversity255Lynn is a Senior Lecturer within the Department of Psychology. In addition to this role she teaches on the level four module Personality and Health Psychology and on the level 6 module, Neuropsychology and Abnormal Psychology.



Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Lynn's main research interest is in ageing and in particular cognitive ageing and the effects of health on cognitive ageing. She is the Panel Manager for North East Age Research which is a 30 year longitudinal study on cognitive ageing carried out in conjunction with Professor Rabbitt’s ageing study based at Manchester University. This research has been funded by major research grants from ESRC and MRC.

Her most recent research role has been as the principal investigator on a prestigious New Dynamics of Ageing Grant funded by ESRC and the other major UK research councils looking at links between mobility and successful ageing among the older population. This research, in collaboration with local company TrackaPhone, pioneered new methodologies in relation to older adults’ use of tracking technologies.

Sponsors and Collaborators

Lynn has been a collaborator on a MRC Lifelong Health and Well-being Network grant and is currently a collaborator on an International Research Exchange Scheme examining models for ageing and technological solutions for improving and enhancing quality of life.

Current/Recent Projects

McInnes, L., Briggs, P., Little, L. & Rochester, L. (2008-2010). New metrics for exploring the relationship between mobility and successful ageing. New Dynamics of Ageing. £241K

Tunstall et al (2013-16).  Co-design of the built environment for mobility in later life. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Contract Value: £ 28K

Clarke, C et al.Enabling environment: Modelling wellbeing in ageing. MRC £50K

Angelova, M. Et al.  Models of ageing and technological solutions for improving and enhancing the quality of life. International Research Exchange Scheme: MATSIQEL project FP7.  189K Euros

Key Publications

Thomas, L., Little, L., Briggs, P.,McInnes, L., Jones, E., & Nicholson, J. (2013).

Location tracking: views from the older adult population Age Ageing (2013) 42 (6): 758-763

Lord, S., Chastin, S.F.M., McInnes, L., Little, L., Briggs, P and Rochester, L.  (2011). Exploring patterns of daily physical and sedentary behaviour in community-dwelling older adults. Age and Ageing, 40(2): 205-210

Yusof, MY., Horan, MA., Jones, M. McInnes, L. Rabbitt, PM & Pendleton, N. (2010). Developing a self-reported comorbidity index to predict mortality of community-dwelling older adults. Archives of gerontology and geriatrics, 50 (3), e63-e67

Williams, L.R., Hutchinson, C.E., Jackson, A., Horan, M. A., Jones, M., McInnes, L., Rabbitt, P.M.A. and N. Pendleton, N. (2010). Clinical correlates of cerebral white matter hyperintensities in cognitively normal older adults. Archives of gerontology and geriatrics, 50 (2), 127-131.

Rabbitt, Patrick, Lunn, Mary, Ibrahim, Said and McInnes, Lynn. (2009). 'Further analyses of the effects of practice, dropout, sex, socio-economic advantage, and recruitment cohort differences during the University of Manchester longitudinal study of cognitive change in old age', The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology,62:9,1859 — 1872

Rabbitt, P., Lunn, M. Ibrahim, S., Cobain, M, & McInnes, L. (2008). Unhappiness, health and cognitive ability in old age. Psychological Medicine, 38, 229-236.

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