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Prof David Pearce


Department: Applied Sciences

The underlying theme of my research is to use microbiology (and in particular novel molecular techniques applied to microbial ecology, microbial biodiversity and activity, environmental genomics, biogeochemical cycling and model extremophiles) to understand Polar ecosystem function and the potential for shifts in biogeochemical activity that may result from environmental change. I have taken the lead in the development of new frontiers of research in metagenomics, chemosynthetic communities, sediment sequestration of carbon and subglacial lake environments and have initiated new interdisciplinary approaches on the aerial environment (with chemists), ice nucleation activity (with physicists) and in the biogeochemistry of ice (with glaciologists).

Further Information


  • Microbiology PhD June 03 2013
  • Fellow (FHEA) Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2015

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Antarctic ecosystems in transition – life between stresses and opportunities, Gutt, J., Isla, E., Xavier, J., Adams, B., Ahn, I., Cheng, C., Colesie, C., Cummings, V., di Prisco, G., Griffiths, H., Hawes, I., Hogg, I., McIntyre, T., Meiners, K., Pearce, D., Peck, L., Piepenburg, D., Reisinger, R., Saba, G., Schloss, I., Signori, C., Smith, C., Vacchi, M., Verde, C., Wall, D. 22 Dec 2020, In: Biological Reviews
  • Bacteria in the lakes of the Tibetan Plateau and polar regions, Liu, K., Yao, T., Pearce, D., Jiao, N., Zeng, Y., Guo, B., Liu, Y. 7 Sep 2020, In: Science of the Total Environment
  • Effects of freeze-thaw cycles on High Arctic soil bacterial communities, Lim, C., Pearce, D., Convey, P., Lee, L., Chan, K., Tan, G. 1 Mar 2020, In: Polar Science
  • Functional associations and resilience in microbial communities, Avila-Jimenez, M., Burns, G., He, Z., Zhou, J., Hodson, A., Avila-Jimenez, J., Pearce, D. 24 Jun 2020, In: Microorganisms
  • Spatial scale structure soil bacterial communities across an Arctic landscape, Malard, L., Anwar, M., Jacobsen, C., Pearce, D. 23 Dec 2020, In: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
  • Biogeographical patterns in soil bacterial communities across the Arctic region, Malard, L., Anwar, M., Jacobsen, C., Pearce, D. 1 Sep 2019, In: FEMS Microbiology Ecology
  • Biological Contamination Prevention for Outer Solar System Moons of Astrobiological Interest, Rettberg, P., Antunes, A., Brucato, J., Cabezas, P., Collins, G., Haddaji, A., Kminek, G., Leuko, S., Mckenna-lawlor, S., Moissl-eichinger, C., Fellous, J., Olsson-francis, K., Pearce, D., Rabbow, E., Royle, S., Saunders, M., Sephton, M., Spry, A., Walter, N., Wimmer Schweingruber, R., Treuet, J. 1 Aug 2019, In: Astrobiology
  • Fauna of the Kemp Caldera and its upper bathyal hydrothermal vents (South Sandwich Arc, Antarctica), Linse, K., Copley, J., Connelly, D., Larter, R., Pearce, D., Polunin, N., Rogers, A., Chen, C., Clarke, A., Glover, A., Graham, A., Huvenne, V., Marsh, L., Reid, W., Roterman, C., Sweeting, C., Zwirglmaier, K., Tyler, P. Nov 2019, In: Royal Society Open Science
  • Isolation, Characterisation, and Lipase Production of a Cold-Adapted Bacterial Strain Pseudomonas sp. LSK25 Isolated from Signy Island, Antarctica, Salwoom, L., Raja Abd Rahman, R., Salleh, A., Mohd. Shariff, F., Convey, P., Pearce, D., Mohamad Ali, M. 16 Feb 2019, In: Molecules
  • Linkages between geochemistry and microbiology in a proglacial terrain in the High Arctic, Wojcik, R., Donhauser, J., Holm, S., Malard, L., Holland, A., Frey, B., Wagner, D., Pearce, D., Anesio, A., Benning, L. 4 Mar 2019, In: Annals of Glaciology

PGR Supervision

  • Luke Cockerton Start: 01/03/2020
  • Rosalia Calvo Ryan Start: 01/03/2020
  • Carmel Abbott Start: 01/03/2019
  • Lucie Malard Microbial biogeography and colonization in Arctic terrestrial ecosystems Start: 01/10/2016
  • Lewis Cuthbertson Molecular microbial ecology of Polar aerial environments Start: 01/10/2015
  • Ravind Bhangal Start: 01/10/2018
  • IAIN DICKINSON Molecular microbial ecology of Polar environments – Mining the marine microbial metagenome Start: 01/10/2013

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