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Dr Ciro Semprebon

Senior Lecturer

Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

I joined Northumbria as Vice-Chancellor fellow in the MDRT of Future Engineering in 2016. I graduated as a Doctor in Physics in Padova (Italy) in 2009. I then moved to Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organisation (MPI-DS) in Göttingen (Germany). More recently I worked as a post-doc in the Department of Physics at Durham University and in the department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh.

Ciro Semprebon

Campus Address

Northumbria University
Ellison Building
Newcastle upon Tyne


Physics PhD July 01 2009

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Modelling double emulsion formation in planar fow-focusing microchannels, Wang, N., Semprebon, C., Liu, H., Zhang, C., Kusumaatmaja, H. 25 Jul 2020, In: Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • Wetting boundaries for a ternary high-density-ratio lattice Boltzmann method, Bala, N., Pepona, M., Karlin, I., Kusumaatmaja, H., Semprebon, C. Jul 2019, In: Physical review. E
  • Drop dynamics on Liquid Infused Surfaces: The Role of the Wetting Ridge, Sadullah, M., Semprebon, C., Kusumaatmaja, H. 10 Jul 2018, In: Langmuir
  • Morphological Transitions of Water Channels Induced by Vertical Vibrations, Sartori, P., Bonato, L., Delfitto, G., Pierno, M., Mistura, G., Semprebon, C., Brinkmann, M. 30 Oct 2018, In: Langmuir
  • Shape Evolution of Droplets Growing on Linear Microgrooves, Semprebon, C., Herrmann, C., Liu, B., Seemann, R., Brinkmann, M. 11 Sep 2018, In: Langmuir
  • Statics and Dynamics of Liquid Barrels in Wedge Geometries, Ruiz Gutierrez, E., Semprebon, C., McHale, G., Ledesma Aguilar, R. 10 May 2018, In: Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • Ternary Free-Energy Entropic Lattice Boltzmann Model with a High Density Ratio, Wöhrwag, M., Semprebon, C., Mazloomi Moqaddam, A., Karlin, I., Kusumaatmaja, H. 8 Jun 2018, In: Physical Review Letters
  • Deviation of sliding drops at a chemical step, Semprebon, C., Varagnolo, S., Filippi, D., Perlini, L., Pierno, M., Brinkmann, M., Mistura, G. 28 Oct 2016, In: Soft Matter
  • Filling transitions on rough surfaces, Dufour, R., Semprebon, C., Herminghaus, S. 17 Mar 2016, In: Physical Review E
  • Liquid morphologies and capillary forces between three spherical beads, Semprebon, C., Scheel, M., Herminghaus, S., Seemann, R., Brinkmann, M. 29 Jul 2016, In: Physical Review E

PGR Supervision

Neeru Bala High density ratio Lattice Boltzmann simulations for ternary systems Start: 01/10/2017

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