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Dr Kate Winter

Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow

Department: Geography and Environmental Sciences

Campus Address

Ellison Building
Northumbria University
Newcastle upon Tyne

0191 227 3245


Ph.D., Northumbria University

M.Sc., Polar and Alpine Change,  University of Sheffield

B. Sc., Geography-Geoscience, University of Aberdeen

Research themes & scholarly interests

My research interests are in the field of polar glaciology. I use ice penetrating radar and remotely sensed imagery to comprehend and characterise the subglacial environment (morphology, geology and hydrology) and flow dynamics of ice streams in Antarctica. I am particularly interested in the topographic controls on ice flow and the entrainment and transportation of sediment through the glacial system. 

Key Publications/Outputs

Winter, K., N. Ross, F. Ferraccioli, T. A. Jordan, H. F. J. Corr, R. Forsberg, K. Matsuoka, A. V. Olessen, and T. G. Casal (2018), Topographic steering of enhanced ice flow at the bottleneck between East and West Antarctica, Geophysical Research Letters,

Sugden, D. E., A. S. Hein, J. Woodward, S. M. Marrero, A. Rodés, S. A. Dunning, F. M. Stuart, S. P. H.T. Freeman, K. Winter and M. J. Westoby (2017), The million-year evolution of the glacial trimline in the southernmost Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 469, 42-52.

Hein, A. S., J. Woodward, S. M. Marrero, S. A. Dunning, K. Winter, M. J. Westoby, S. P. H. T. Freeman, and D. E. Sugden (2016), Mid-Holocene pulse of thinning in the Weddell Sea sector of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Nature Communications, 7:12511.

Winter, K., J. Woodward, S. A. Dunning, C. S. M. Turney, C. J. Fogwill, A. S. Hein, N. R. Golledge, R. G. Bingham, S. M. Marrero, D. E. Sugden, and N. Ross (2016) Assessing the continuity of the blue ice climate record at Patriot Hills, Horseshoe Valley, West Antarctica, Geophysical Research Letters, 43 (5), 2019-2026.

Hein, A., J. Woodward, S. M. Marrero, S. A. Dunning, E. Steig, S. P. H. T. Freeman, F. Stuart, K. Winter, M. J. Westoby, and D. E. Sugden (2016), Evidence for the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet divide for 1.4 million years, Nature Communications, 7:10325.

Winter, K., J. Woodward, N. Ross, S. A. Dunning, R. G. Bingham, H. F. J. Corr, and M. J. Siegert (2015), Airborne radar evidence for tributary flow switching in Institute Ice Stream, West Antarctica: Implications for ice sheet configuration and dynamics, Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 120.


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Research at Northumbria

Research at Northumbria

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