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Student partnership looks at how students are understood and how they engage as partners in the delivery, development and enhancement of their subject

Northumbria University’s Student Engagement Plan promotes effective partnership, designed to optimise student satisfaction and experience and enhance student support and achievement. It has been built around the overlapping themes of learning, consultation, representation and participation, tied together with a coherent approach to student communication. For example, Student Engagement

Northumbria Student Union (NSU) engages in partnership working with the University, including through the NSU leadership representatives and the NSU Teaching Excellence Team. NSU also manage the annual Student Led Teaching Awards and promote partnership working between academics and students. Their work is guided by the HEA Engagement Through Partnership (2014) report.

This open access collection showcases a range of staff-student partnerships from different roles, identities, cultures, countries and institutions: Mercer-Mapstone, L. and Abbott, S. (2020) (Eds) The powerof student-staff partnerships: students, staff, and faculty revolutionizinghigher education. Elon University: Center for Engaged Learning Open-AccessBook Series.

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