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Student Engagement

At Northumbria University we are genuinely committed to working in partnership with our students, whether you are just starting your studies and going through enrolment and induction; still working towards your qualification; or just coming to the end of your academic journey with us. From our Strategic Managers to our Programme and Module Leads, all members of staff are actively engaged in 2-way communication and open dialogue with students.

Our student engagement mechanisms take many forms, and are led by the University’s Senior Managers in collaboration with the Students’ Union, in line with the University's Student Engagement Plan (available here). The Students' Union is represented at all formal University Committees, and is consulted on key policies and initiatives at every step. In addition to this, our programme Student Representatives are members of Faculty sub-committees, and are in regular discussions with Programme Leads about their course of study. We involve students as much as possible in formal reviews and redesign of our programmes at Northumbria. This is set out in more detail here.


Student Surveys

As a student at Northumbria University, in addition to your teaching sessions and informal engagement with Module and Programme Leads you will also receive regular electronic surveys to ensure that we are performing well against expectations. These are set out in more detail on our Surveys page here. By completing these surveys, you will be making a significant, valued and vital contribution towards the ongoing development of your course design, and helping to determine how your experience with us is shaped.  


Our Student Charter sets out the expectations that will apply to students throughout their time at Northumbria. It is relevant irrespective of course of study or student background, and is a summary of the University's aspirations for all students.


The Student Protection Plan sets out what measures we have in place to protect our students in the event that a risk to the continuation of studies should arise.

We genuinely do value your views and any feedback you may have on our processes, our programmes and your experiences here at Northumbria. Please contact Academic Registry here if you have any particular issues or comments you wish to raise.



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