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Monitoring and Review

Northumbria has clearly defined procedures for reviewing its programmes. The procedures are described in:

 More information for Northumbria staff can be found here

Module Evaluation

Module evaluation is an essential element of review that underpins and feeds into annual programme monitoring. The purpose is to

  • evaluate the module's content and learning and teaching approaches
  • ensure learning outcomes are appropriate
  • monitor student performance and evidence that student feedback is contributing to continuous enhancement

More information for Northumbria staff is available here

Annual Programme Monitoring

Annual Programme Monitoring (APM) is an essential process of review to ensure that students’ learning opportunities enable the intended learning outcomes of programmes to be achieved, and to monitor student attainment of academic standards, whether at NU or collaborative partners. It is an evaluative evidence-based process which should also identify good practice and enhancement opportunities to improve the student experience.

The process requires completion of a programme evaluation document (PED) for each programme cluster by the cluster leader, normally the Programme Lead. Quality and Teaching Excellence, Approval and Review team can advise further.  An overview can be found here.

The PED and PPED templates and exemplars can be found on the Northumbria Staff Intranet.

Academic Quality Assurance System (AQAS) supports the process, acts as a repository for completed PEDs and PPEDS, enables cluster leaders to directly access relevant module reviews and has links to relevant forms and guidance.

More information for Northumbria staff is available here

Periodic Review

The aim of Periodic Review is to assure the quality and standards of programmes and to promote enhancement of learning and teaching and of the student experience on those programmes within a subject discipline area. It is a peer review process, with involvement of the Students' Union on the panel, and operates on a 6 yearly cycle.

Reports from reviews carried out during the last cycle can be accessed here.

The Periodic Review Schedule 2014-2020 is available here.

For the purpose of panel approval an External Reviewer nomination form is available here.

More information for Northumbria staff can be found here

Partner Review

As collaborative programmes are approved for fixed time periods, periodic review is primarily carried out through the programme re-approval process.

Where a collaborative programme is an integral part of a programme cluster with associated home-based programme, it may also be considered as part of the periodic review of those programmes. Equally, internal partner review may be commissioned by Academic Portfolio Group (APG), based on partnership performance dashboard data, thus being included into a Programme Performance Enhancement Plan (PPEP) trigger process.

Annual Provider Review

In 2016/17, Northumbria University achieved the following outcomes of HEFCE’s Annual Provider Review:              

Financial sustainability, good management and governance matters:

 Not at higher risk

 No action required
Quality and standards matters:  Meets requirements
 No action required

This annual process will take place again during 2017/8.

Northumbria University’s entry onto the Higher Education Council for England (HEFCE) Register of Higher Education Providers currently reads as follows:

Meets requirements

This provider fully meets HEFCE’s requirements for quality and standards. This means that:

  • Qualification standards are reliable and reasonably comparable to those across the UK; 
  • The student academic experience is of high quality; 
  • Student outcomes are generally good or excellent and the provider has demonstrated continuous improvement in relation to them.

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