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Monitoring and Review

Northumbria has clearly defined procedures for reviewing its programmes. The procedures are described in:

  • The Review Framework defines our requirements for Module Evaluation, Annual Programme Monitoring, Periodic Review, and use of student questionnaires.
  • The University Framework for Quality and Standards provides the broader picture of how quality and standards are assured and enhanced.

The Continuous Programme Performance Review (CPPR) process is part of the Review strand of the Northumbria University Quality and Standards Framework.

CPPR replaces the Annual Programme Monitoring (APM) process from September 2021 and is the single process to be used across the institution including partner institutions and external campuses for reviewing modules, programmes and as appropriate subjects.

As a robust quality and student-focused assurance and enhancement tool, CPPR uses the most up-to-date data to drive pro-active recommendations and decision making, having a transparent end to end process and ensures the student voice is at the centre of decisions made, impacting positively on the student experience.

It aims to:

  • Deliver continuous assessment of quality and standards, academic performance, and student experience and outcomes through the robust evaluation of modules and programmes, enabled by the presentation of performance data at three points in the academic year, and the implementation of actions and prioritisation of resources.
  • Engages fully with the student body and at appropriate stages.
  • Provide assurance to Academic Board, the Board of Governors and the University Executive that Northumbria is meeting the Office for Students (OfS) Quality and Standards Conditions.
  • Secure the highest level TEF rating.

Agile relationships and exchanges within the process are illustrated below:

QTE - Relationships and Exchanges V2 

Should you have any queries at present, please contact RG Review in the first instance.  Further information for Northumbria colleagues is available here.

The aim of Periodic Review is to assure the quality and standards of programmes and to promote enhancement of learning and teaching and of the student experience on those programmes within a subject discipline area. It is a peer review process, with involvement of the Students' Union on the panel, and operates on a 6 yearly cycle.

Reports from reviews carried out during the last cycle can be accessed here.

The Periodic Review Schedule 2014-2020 is available here.

For the purpose of panel approval an External Reviewer nomination form is available here.

This process is currently on hold.  Should you have any queries at present, please contact the review team at
 in the first instance.


As collaborative programmes are approved for fixed time periods, periodic review is primarily carried out through the programme re-approval process.

Internal partner review may be commissioned by Academic Portfolio Group (APG), based on partnership performance dashboard data and may trigger review activities through Portfolio Review or CPPR.

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