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What will the Apprentice Learn?

Northumbria University Senior Leader Higher Apprenticeship: The Programme at a Glance.

The Senior Leader Higher Apprenticeship offers a learning experience that is individual and which may be customised to reflect the apprentice's aspirations and the strategic direction of the organisation. The programme will provide an instant injection of new skills, expertise and tools directly into your business.

As well as access to academics at the forefront in the field of leadership and management, a wealth of resources and external experts, apprentices will benefit through collaborating and sharing good practice with a learning community of like-minded senior leaders, from a range of organisations and sectors. 

Through a series of knowledge masterclasses, led by academic experts, your Apprenticeship will cover 12 core themes including:

People at Work: The Nature and Limits of Managing

Putting Management into context – exploring academic and popular models for management.

Managing Communications in Organisations

Knowing your audience, finding your voice – how to communicate your organisation’s needs and goals.

Strategy and the strategy processes

What is strategy? And does strategy matter? Exploring the core problems and processes associated with strategic development and – crucially – implementation.

Markets and Marketing

Exploring your organisations marketing processes and the impact of digitisation

Innovation and Change

Learn how to model and manage change in your organisation

Managing Operations

Understanding operations management tools and technologies and how they are changing the very core of business. 

Digital: Challenges and Opportunities

How to deliver business excellence in the digital age.

Managing Resource and Finance

Understanding how successful management of finance and resources can create a competitive advantage and underpin organisational decision-making.

Ethics and Enterprise

Developing the tools and understandings necessary to recognise the ethical foundation of enterprise and to navigate the day-to-day dilemmas that ‘management’ tends to surface.

Managing and Developing People

Exploring the problems, processes, challenges and consolations that confront those who are charged with the management and strategic development of others.

Developing self as a leader

Understanding the nature of leadership and the processes of self-development so that you may commit to lifelong learning.

Big data in organisations

What is the role of data and its role in research and in organisational decision-making? How does ‘big data’ impact organisations and society at large.  

All of which will be supplemented by:

  • Practice focus sessions delivered by expert specialists who have a wealth of experience to share
  • Tailored case studies that bring learning to life
  • Executive coaches to support peer group working
  • Workplace coaches to ensure that all of this knowledge and expertise can be applied directly to your organisation

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