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Innovation in Action Demonstrators

To encourage innovation and provide evidence for the adoption of digital technologies and new processes across the construction sector, IC3 is delivering a series of innovation in action demonstrator projects.

The demonstrator projects are co-designed, delivered and evaluated by industry, academia and public sector partners. They represent innovative building and infrastructure projects encompassing public and private sector developments and aim to demonstrate the value of the application of digital technologies and new ways of working and provide an evidence base to de-risk innovation.

Projects address the IC3 core objectives of

  • Our Place: building better and smarter for a more productive, safer and sustainable built environment
  • Ecosystem Lifecycle: academic and industry collaborating to change and improve the way buildings and infrastructure are designed, procured, constructed and managed
  • Smarter Construction: faster, better and more sustainable performance assisted by digital technology
  • Global Impact: international scanning to adopt and share best practice and ideas
  • Active Exemplars: creating and learning from evidence-led research through ‘innovation in action’
  • Societal and Economic Benefits: measuring and evaluating civil and economic performance and societal benefits.

IC3 is working with its partners on the following demonstrator projects: 

  • Social Housing and Net Zero Target

Development and evaluation of the application of digital twins to support decision making and project evaluation for deep retrofit of social housing to deliver net zero targets

  • New Business Models and Whole Life Cycle Performance

Enabling and testing of new business models and integrated approaches including Procuring for Value toolkit and Living Lab approach to provide improved whole life system performance of built assets

  • Educational Buildings and Sustainability Targets 

Demonstration of digital-twin supported operational management delivered against established sustainability frameworks in an educational building

  • Platform for Innovation

Development and testing of a platform for innovation and validation in design and construction of new housing, employing Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and smart technologies for adaptable homes

  • Data Centric Construction

Demonstrating how application of data science and machine learning can provide insights and understanding to improve construction-phase productivity and drive improvements in efficiency, sustainability, and customer experience during the operational phase of a building’s life cycle

If you are interested in developing a demonstrator project with IC3 or finding out more, please fill out this contact form.


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