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Digital Disruption Network

Digital Disruption seeks to meet the challenges and opportunities of the next digital revolution.

Through co-creation and the application of creative technology to the practice of business, society and the economy. Digital Disruption seeks to disrupt and innovate to better serve the economy, the environment and society. Creating and growing a dynamic, high performing space for research and knowledge exchange that has a global presence and reach.

To help its partners face these challenges, Northumbria University has launched the Digital Disruption Network, through which it will work with organisations and businesses to carry out long-term research to help predict future digital trends and the impact they will have. Led by Prof Lars Erik Holmquist, Professor of Innovation, the Network allows partners to explore the future together.

Human. Digital. Design Conference

The last two decades, digital technologies have been disrupting practically all businesses and services, creating new world-dominating enterprises while literally bankrupting others.

Advancements in artificial intelligence and data analytics, 5G networks, IoT and robotics, immersive environments and rapid manufacturing will lead to new markets, create new products, and transform the ways we live and work. The pandemic has accelerated a significant shift in the way we work and live in the future, there is a need to question and explore disruption with more people than ever seeing the benefits and challenges of digital technologies.  A whopping 84% of companies reportedly fail at digital transformation. One common mistake is a lack of consideration for the user.

Northumbria University hosted a conference which offered a shared platform for investigating how design can be used to guard the human element as more organisations and sectors get disrupted. Over 200 delegates attended the poster sessions, panels and talks to explore how industry can prepare for and benefit from digital disruption, and how organisations can work with academia to drive innovation and create the products and services of the future – with the emphasis on Human Digital Design.

Find out more about the conference in the film below.

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There are several ways to join the Digital Disruption Network:

Individual membership

Joining the Digital Disruption Network as an individual is free of charge. You will receive invites to our public events and information about our activities.

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Organisations that want to support the Digital Disruption Network are welcome to join as partners. 

Read more about partners and how to join here

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups are the heart of the Digital Disruption Network. These groups are smaller, and focused on a specific research topic, examples include: Connected Experiences Lab, Digital Care and Leisure Technology.

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