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How to Apply


There are lots of steps to consider before you apply to study abroad at Northumbria University;  

  • Meet and discuss your plans with your advisers at your home institution.  This will ensure you get the correct information on what their selection criteria is and also if our universities have an agreement allowing you to come on a fee-free exchange or if not coming on a Study Abroad fee paying programme.

  • Decide if you will be coming for one year or one semester and in which semester you will attend. You must be here for the whole year or semester so check out the academic calendars.  Your home university can advise you on this.

  • Check out our pages on the Academic and English Language Requirements to ensure you meet the requirements of Northumbria.

  • Check the Constructing your Programme pages to ensure that their are modules you can and want to study at Northumbria.  Please note you can only select pre-determined modules and from departments only within the university agreements - your home institution will be able to advise.

If you meet the requirements and are accepted on to the programme by your home institution then the next steps to take are;

  • Nominated by your home university to study through the Erasmus+ or Bilateral exchange programme.

  • Accepted as a Study Abroad fee-paying student applying independently or through an agent. Please contact the team using to express your interest in studying abroad at Northumbria as an independent fee-paying Study Abroad student if your home university and Northumbria do not have an agreement in place.

After we have received the nomination from your home university the team will contact you directly with information on the application process.  

You will receive a Unconditional or Conditional offer based on your academic and language requirement.  Please note for some design programmes you will be required to submit a portfolio for consideration before any offer can be made.

Application Deadlines

Semester 1 and Yearlong from September: April of each year

Semester 2 from January : October of each year

What's Next

  • Choose your modules that you would like to study during your stay at Northumbria.  Your conditional/unconditional offer is to the University and does not guarantee acceptance onto modules you have chosen.  Timetables will be available to view on the Student Portal during induction week.
  • Accommodation is available for one or two semesters. You can apply for accommodation only after you have firmly accepted your offer.
  • If you are studying for the full year you will request your CAS letter as part of your offer acceptance through the applicant portal for you to use in applying for your Student Visa.  If you will study for only one semester then you may need a pdf confirmation letter to help support your application for a Visitor Visa ahead of your travel to the UK. Further information can be found on the Immigration page.

  • This further information will only be sent to you after you have accepted your offer through the applicant portal and provided all necessary supporting documents as outlined in your offer. 
  • There are various other things to consider before accepting your offer to study at Northumbria - information can be found on our Terms and Conditions.

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