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ESRC Research ‘Seminar series on genetics, technology, security and justice. Crossing, contesting and comparing boundaries’

Seminar series on genetics, technology, security and justice. Crossing, contesting and comparing boundaries.

A team of six social scientists from Northumbria, Newcastle and Durham Universities have been awarded a prestigious ESRC Research Seminars grant to run a series of six events between 2015 and 2017 on genetics at the interface of security, justice and health.

Led by Dr Matthias Wienroth (Northumbria University and Visiting Researcher at PEALS) the series' focus on forensic genetics contributes to the ESRC's Biosocial strategic priority area and has been described by the Council's review panel as "interesting, innovative and exciting." Each seminar will critically examine aspects of the potential and actual contributions of forensic genetics to the production of security and justice in the UK and other contemporary European societies.


Seminar series:

Seminar 1 - Genetics and crime. Contested boundaries, benefits and risks 

Seminar 2 - Comparing stakeholder discourses about genetic technologies

Seminar 3 - Comparing criminal investigations & DVI across European borders

Seminar 4 - Comparing forensic and medical genetic technologies 

Seminar 5 - Securitisation and forensic genetics

Seminar 6 - National building and forensic science 



Contacts for the Event:

Dr Matthias Wienroth -

Prof Robin Williams -

Prof Erica Haimes -

Prof Jackie Leach Scully - 

Dr Christopher Lawless -

Dr Ernesto Schwartz-Marin -







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