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Seminar 3

Comparing criminal investigations & DVI across European borders

Seminar 3 (14th & 15th July 2016):

Thu, 14 July 2016, 12:00 – 18:00 and Fri, 15 July, 09:00 – 14:00, Northumbria University, Great Hall, Sutherland Building, College Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST, UK


Seminar 3: Comparing the use of DNA in criminal investigations & DVI across European borders


This 2-day seminar will discuss cross-jurisdiction uses of genetic technologies in criminal justice and disaster victim identification, including the role of the UK and other member states as collaborators and within the EU.


Confirmed seminar speakers 

  • Ingo Bastisch (German Federal Crime Agency)
  • Kees v. d. Beek (Netherlands Forensic Institute)
  • Lucy Easthope (Lincoln University)
  • Patrick Jeuniaux (National Institute of Criminalistics and
    Criminology, Belgium
  • Amade M’charek (University of Amsterdam)
  • Helena Machado (University of Coimbra)
  • Christopher Maguire (ForGenetica Cons Ltd.)
  • Carole McCartney (Northumbria University)
  • Claudia Merli (Durham University)
  • Ursula Naue (University of Vienna)
  • Peter Schneider (University of Cologne)
  • Victor Toom (University of Frankfurt)



Thursday, 14 July

12:00—13:00      Registration & buffet lunch

13:00—13:15      Welcome (Matthias Wienroth)

13:15—14:15      Session I

Chair: Robin Williams

1. Lucy Easthope: The situated realities of forensic un/certainty and political remains

2. Chris Maguire: tba


14:15—15:15      Session II

Chair: Erica Haimes

1. Claudia Merli: Theory and bodies out of bounds: A reflection on identity politics and thanatocracy

2. Amade M’charek: When Humans and Technologies Cross Borders: Identifying Refugees Around the Mediterranean Sea


15:15—15:45      Refreshments

15:45—16:45      Session III

Chair: Matthias Wienroth

1. Victor Toom: DVI practices after the 9/11 WTC tragedy: protocols, experts and victims’ families

2. Ingo Bastisch: Processes and cooperation in forensic DNA for investigation and identification


16:45—17:45      Plenum discussion – Opportunities, gaps and themes for research & policy work

Chair: Ernesto Schwartz-Marin

17:45—18:00      Close

Friday, 15 July

09:00—09:30      Registration

09:30—09:35      Welcome (Matthias Wienroth)

09:35—10:30      Session I

Chair: Jackie Leach Scully

1. Helena Machado: Geopolitics & ethical challenges of DNA data exchange in the EU

2. Patrick Jeuniaux: Towards reconstructing DNA-based offending trajectories within and across the borders.


10:30—11:30      Session II

Chair: Victor Toom

1. Ursula Naue: DNA tests as an arbiter of truth – the case of family reunification

2. Kees van der Beek: The Impact of Massive Parallel Sequencing on National Databases: Considerations, Challenges and Opportunities


11:30—12:30      Session III

Chair: Chris Lawless

1. Peter Schneider: tba

2. Carole McCartney: tba


12:30 – 13:30      Plenum discussion – Opportunities, gaps and themes for research & policy work

Chair: Robin Williams

13:30—13:35      Close

13:35 – 14:30      Buffet lunch





Bursaries for Early Career Researchers are available and will begranted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The bursary can cover reasonable travel costs and accommodation for together up to £250. Bursary holders will be asked to write a brief report about the seminar discussions for the seminar series website. Please contact for further information.



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