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Northern Bridge Consortium (NBC) Doctoral Training Partnership

Northumbria University is a member of the Northern Bridge Consortium, a doctoral training partnership in which we collaborate with Durham, Newcastle, Queen's Belfast, Sunderland, Teesside and Ulster Universities.

The Consortium, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, will be awarding 67 full PhD studentships each year from 2019 to 2023. Each studentship consists of payment of tuition fees and a maintenance allowance at the UK Research Council's national rate (currently £15,009) funded for a nominal 42 months of study. The package also includes:

  • access to a research support training fund to cover the costs of study abroad, conference attendance and fieldwork;
  • financial support to participate in a Northern Bridge Conference, an annual Summer School and a Completion and Leadership Workshop, which focuses on career development and employability;
  • financial support for placements

Northumbria ranks in the world's top 175 universities for research citations, and possesses world-class expertise across most of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) subject range. For a list of subjects in which we can offer expert supervision, click on the 'Subject Contacts' tab below.



If you're visiting this page, it's probably because you have recently taken up a Northern Bridge studentship at Northumbria. Many congratulations on that! This page provides some basic information about becoming a Northern Bridge student at Northumbria. For general information about the Consortium, including useful documents, please visit the main Northern Bridge website.

As a Northern Bridge student, your experience of studying here will be similar in many ways to that of all our other PhD students. You will go through the same induction, have access to the same facilities, and your progress through the degree will be measured at the same milestones. You will be looked after by the PGR co-ordinator in your subject area, and you will be able to participate fully in Northumbria’s research culture.

There are, however, some key differences:

  • The standard length of a Northern Bridge PhD is 42 months (not 36)

  • You are required to undertake a placement of between 1 and 6 months during your programme, which might lengthen your period of study still further

  • You can access a range of funded training opportunities through Northern Bridge, some of them timetabled during our residential conferences

  • You may be working on a CDA-type project (involving a partner organization) or benefit from the input of an external advisor based at another university in our Consortium

The key thing is to take advantage of being at Northumbria AND being funded through Northern Bridge.


Key People

Your main contact will of course be your principal supervisor, but you should also be familiar with the PGR co-ordinator in your area. There will also be a Northern Bridge subject contact in your discipline (click on the relevant heading), who in most cases will be the relevant PGR director.

For any queries that relate to your registration at Northumbria, the receipt of your stipend, or claims for reimbursement of research expenses, please contact the Graduate School.

For any queries that relate to other Northern Bridge matters, please contact either your local NB subject contact or the Northumbria NB Academic Director Prof Richard Terry.


Below is a list of the subjects in which we can offer expert supervision for 2020 entry, as well as the name of the Northern Bridge contact in that area. Your subject contact will be able to advise you on the application process and will help you identify an appropriate principal supervisor.


We hope to advertise funded opportunities through the partner-led CDA route in November.


The standard application process allows an applicant to propose their own project. This may be either a traditional academic project or a Collaborative Doctoral Award (CDA), which involves developing a project in partnership with an external organization. Student-led CDAs are handled differently from CDAs that have been proposed by partner organizations. The latter have an earlier application deadline and are assessed outside the main competition (see ‘Partner-Led CDA Opportunities’ ). Students proposing their own CDA projects will be assessed alongside all other applicants in the main competition.

Northern Bridge runs a two-stage application process.

Stage One: Postgraduate Application

Applicants to both the standard PhD and student-led Collaborative Doctoral Award routes must complete Northumbria's online postgraduate application form and submit it by 4pm on Monday 13 January 2020. Please write the code NBC20 in the application form under 'Studentship / Partnership Reference' and 'Who is your sponsor / funding body?'.

Stage Two: Applicant Nomination

Outcomes from the stage one application process will be released by Friday 17 January 2020. Successful candidates will then be supported by their proposed supervisor in submitting a nomination form to the Northern Bridge Consortium by the deadline of 4pm on Monday 17 February 2020. Please consult the scheme guidance when completing the form. Nomination forms will be submitted through the Northumbria University Graduate School.

The results of the competition are expected to be announced on Wednesday 8 April 2020.


  • Northern Bridge studentships are available to Home and EU applicants, but EU candidates will need to meet the AHRC requirement of three years residency in the UK before the start date of the award
  • Candidates must be applying to commence a programme of doctoral study in the 2020/21 academic year, which starts 1 October 2020
  • Candidates already enrolled on a PhD can apply, providing they will not have passed the halfway point of their programme before transferring to a Northern Bridge award
  • Candidates should possess a Masters qualification, or be currently enrolled on one and in a position to evidence a strong trajectory
  • The Consortium will however accept professional experience in lieu of a Masters qualification, so long as the applicant can demonstrate how their track record might be seen as commensurate with postgraduate study
  • Prospective applicants are expected to read the guidance notes before proceeding with an application to the studentship competition, and to make themselves aware of the timeline
  • The competition is open to all applicants who meet the AHRC's eligibility criteria


For all general enquiries (i.e. not subject specific), including on eligibility, email Prof Richard Terry, Northumbria Consortium Director.

Further information can be found on the Northern Bridge Consortium website.

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