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Chemistry Research and Innovation


Lead: Professor Justin Perry and Dr Valery Kozhevnikov  

The Chemistry Research & Innovation Group (CRaIG) is an internationally recognised group of chemistry academics working across discipline boundaries in a range of sectors from chemical and materials synthesis, to chemical and bioanalysis and predictive modelling. We comprise a core of experienced academic project leaders at all levels from Senior Lecturer to Professor with funding from research councils, InnovateUK and commercial partners whilst being supported by the University in dedicated synthesis laboratories, analytical chemistry suites and a high-performance computing cluster. 

Based in the Department of Applied Sciences, we have a range of research projects spanning the chemistry/biosciences interface including novel approaches to medicinal chemistry for neurodegenerative conditions, novel diagnostic reagents for the rapid detection of bacteria such as Listeria, and the use of biotechnology and biocatalysis to provide environmentally non-polluting chemical processes. Analytical chemistry has focused on analysis of environmental hazards (including detection of microfibres), forensic applications and mass spectrometry, including metabolomics and proteomics. In addition, forensics research and studies of artists materials involves collaboration with colleagues in our Forensic Science Unit.   

In addition, CRaIG members also work closely with physics and engineering experts in UoA12 Engineering on the creation of organic LEDs, antifouling and controlled release functional polymers, and state-of-art portable spectroscopic instruments with integral intelligent data analysis. 

CRaiG staff have in-house access to an extensive set of instrumentation including two Thermo QExactive quadrupole-orbitrap and a Thermo ID-X mass spectrometer, offering small molecule and biomolecule target identification, a Jeol 400MHz multinuclear NMR Spectrometer, differential scanning calorimetry, elemental analysis by inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy, atomic absorption spectroscopy and X-ray fluorescence, UV/Vis/Raman spectroscopy and fluorimetry, and a suite dedicated to HPLC and GC. 

We welcome enquiries from potential doctoral or post-doctoral researchers, and other collaborators, interested in working with us.



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