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  • Northumbria’s research in Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience is ranked 15th in the UK for research power out of 93 submissions
  • This is a rise of 28 places from 43rd in 2014
  • Our research environment is rated internationally excellent (3*) and world-leading (4*) 
  • Our research impact is rated at 3* or 4* representing outstanding or very considerable impact

Psychology has a well-established and thriving community of internationally recognised academics producing world-class research at the forefront of knowledge across a diverse range of disciplines.  

The Unit has published over 900 peer-reviewed journal articles since 2014 and has fostered several strong international collaborations. Working across industry and healthcare settings, researchers investigate key questions in subjects spanning language comprehension to working memory, sleep research to health and wellbeing, and nutritional interventions to digital communication. This research is applied to developing and implementing tangible clinical and healthcare interventions to improve people’s physical, social and mental wellbeing. 

The Unit’s strategy and ethos is underpinned by interdisciplinary research. Researchers are involved in various projects such as the University’s multidisciplinary research themes (MDRTs) of ‘Human and Digital Design’ and ‘Integrated Health and Social Care’ which bring researchers together from across the University to address key societal and global challenges.  

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