Communication and Media Studies

REF 2014

  • Northumbria has been ranked in the UK top 20 for the quality of research outputs in communication, cultural and media studies.

  • 70% of Northumbria’s research in Communication, Cultural and Media Studies is rated as being either world leading or internationally excellent.

Our researchers in this area combine their expertise in established strengths - notably in film and television research - with more newly developed areas in journalism  practice and cultural histories and practices.

Cultural Histories/Practices

The work of our academics in this area is mainly underpinned by a cultural-historical approach. Popular and rock music is a key area of interest, with notable recent achievements including Noel McLaughlin's book on Irish rock music and an associated international conference...

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Film & Television

British cinema is a key feature of research in this area, with a focus on genres and popular cinema. Another important focus involves work on cult and fantasy-based genres such as horror and science fiction. In this context, academics research international cult cinemas...

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Journalism & Citizenship

Our academics in this cluster focus on international journalistic practice, global media institutions, gender and media and media citizenship. This has included work on changes in European media and the public sphere, on gender and media and on media and the Olympics.

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We Are Global

Living in the 21st Century, the world is getting smaller and becoming more connected every day. At Northumbria University we recognise and respond to this fast paced, dynamic world and are operating on a global scale more than ever before.