Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience

REF 2014

  • Northumbria’s strength in psychology research has significantly increased, placing us second in the Alliance group of universities for world-leading research. 

  • Almost three quarters of Northumbria’s psychology research is judged to have outstanding reach and significance for its impact, placing us top 20 in the UK.

Our academics in this area carry out research in areas such as cognitive psychology, developmental psychology and health psychology.

Key areas of focus include cognition and communication with an emphasis on human interaction in real and virtual worlds, health in action where academics examine issues such as insomnia and interventions for alcohol abuse and, evolution, perception and behaviour in areas such as prenatal programming, eating disorders and cues of attraction.

Cognition & Communication Research Centre

This group of researchers carry out research into human cognition and communication. They aim to understand how people - from children to older members of society - communicate and interact with one another in real and virtual worlds.

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Evolution, Perception & Behaviour

Academics in this group apply evolutionary theory to questions of human perception and behaviour in both clinical settings and our daily lives. Research topics include biomechanical analysis of human movement in relation to prediction of psychiatric disease...

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Health in Action

This group investigates the interface between bio-psycho-social states, health behaviour and outcome. They have strong cross-disciplinary links with sport scientists, medics, health sociologists and clinical psychologists. The international impact of their work ranges from new interventions...

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We Are Global

Living in the 21st Century, the world is getting smaller and becoming more connected every day. At Northumbria University we recognise and respond to this fast paced, dynamic world and are operating on a global scale more than ever before.