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Health in Action

Meet our staffThis group investigates the interface between bio-psycho-social states, health behaviour and outcome. They have strong cross-disciplinary links with sport scientists, medics, health sociologists and clinical psychologists. The international impact of their work ranges from new interventions for alcohol abuse to new ways of designing ehealth provision.

Areas of work include gene-environment interaction in sleep quality and acute and chronic insomnia (see Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research, below) in adults and vulnerable populations.

Academics also investigate the relationship between glucose regulation and performance in healthy people and those with Type II diabetes.

The group also leads the development of new psychsocial interventions in a number of clinical populations including: survivors of head and neck cancer, the elderly, patients with medically unexplained symptoms, and those with alcohol related health problems.
The Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research
The Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research is a state-of-the-art facility designed to study and treat sleeping disorders. An apartment-style laboratory, complete with kitchen and lounge area, allows participants to be effectively monitored from a neighbouring control room.

Academics research the transition between sleep and wakefulness and examine how biological, psychological, environmental and social factors affect that transition. They also help to assess, diagnose and treat those with sleep disorders.

Case Study: Brief chat with GP helps heavy drinkers cut down



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