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Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet is a friendly and welcoming free service offered to new Northumbria University students arriving into Newcastle prior to the start of their course.

Arriving into a new country from the other side of the world is an exciting opportunity, but it can also be a challenging experience.  Experiencing a new language and a new culture and finding your way around can seem quite daunting. 

By booking with the Northumbria ‘Meet and Greet Service’ we can put your mind at rest that current Northumbria students will assist you with the journey to your accommodation after you arrive in Newcastle.

We expect to be able to offer the normal Meet and Greet service at the moment, in which we will meet you at Newcastle International Airport and arrange transport to your accommodation. However, we will be closely monitoring social distancing advice and if this is not possible then our Meet and Greet officers will liaise with you by email and/or phone prior to and after your arrival to arrange transport to your accommodation.

You must book the Meet and Greet service at least 7 days before arriving into Newcastle so that we can arrange safe transportation to your accommodation.

Meet and Greet | Northumbria University from Northumbria University on Vimeo.

When is the Service Available?

The Meet and Greet service is available on request from Newcastle International Airport via the online booking form, with particular focus around the enrolments in June, July, August, September and January.

If you are arriving by train or bus instead then please enter the relevant arrival destination in the ‘Flight Number’ section – Central Train Station, Gallowgate Bus Station or John Dobson Street Bus Station

How do I Book onto the Meet and Greet Service?

To book onto our Meet and Greet Service simply fill out the form below.

NEW Students Arriving in the UK Outside of Newcastle

Onward travel to Newcastle Bus and Railway stations has not been affected by the Covid-crisis, however we appreciate that flights to Newcastle Airport are limited; please see here.

For New students arriving in the UK at airports outside of Newcastle, Northumbria can arrange for private transport to Newcastle from your arrival airport. This however will be at a cost to you and payment will require to be made in-advance.

If you would like to avail yourself of this service please e-mail with details of arrival airport, date and time and we can quote you the price to be paid. Please note we can only facilitate this request if given at least 5 working days notice.

Alternatively, use local  bus and rail options for your onward journey to Newcastle.

Luggage Tag Instructions

Please label each piece of your luggage with a luggage tag using coloured sheets.

  • Download luggage labels here, and print in colour enough for each piece of luggage.
  • Insert it in a luggage tag Luggage Tag
  • Attach a tag to each piece of luggage that you have.

Following these instructions will help to speed up the process when you arrive at Newcastle International Airport

Important Customs Information

Prior to travelling to the UK please familiarise yourself with information provided by the UK Government at

For more information please view STUDY UK COVID-19 MESSAGING & FAQs.

On your flight into the U.K please ask for a ‘landing card’ from the flight crew, then fully fill in the relevant parts whilst on-board. Have it ready with your Passport before you land as you will need it to show the U.K Border Force Officer. You must have this completed before your passport can be stamped.

  • Take the passport out of any cover ready to be stamped.
  • Have your Certificate Acceptance of Studies (CAS Letter) ready to be checked.
  • At the U.K Border you will be asked what University and what course you will be studying? You will also be asked how long the course will be, you will need all supporting documents in paper copy already printed out and to hand to be shown to the Officer.
  • You are arriving at peak University student intake time, passport and document checks can take a while. UKBF will process customers as efficiently as possible but please be prepared to wait.

Where is the ‘Meet and Greet’ Team Based?

The Northumbria University Meet and Greet Team will be positioned just to the front left when you come through through the ‘International Arrivals’ area of Newcastle International Airport after you have collected your luggage.

You will see an exit straight in front of you and some low seating to the left of this. We will be inbetween this seating and the Emirates kiosk. We are directly opposite the Greggs shop/ seating area.

We will have a desk, large and small banners and Meet and Greet staff waiting to welcome you.

Domestic Arrivals

If you arrive on a flight from one of the UK airports (e.g. London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Dublin) then we will have a member of staff waiting in front of the Domestic Arrivals area with a black and white Meet and Greet sign to help you recognise them.

The Domestic Arrivals area is in between an M & S store and the exit for the Metro Train stop.

If you do not see anyone waiting then they may have just met a student before you, therefore if you turn right and walk to the far end of the airport to the International Arrivals area then you will see our Meet and Greet table, banners and staff.

This is a 2 minute walk and you will pass the departure gates on your right and the Café Ritazza.

Newcastle Airport is a fairly small area, therefore you will find us easily and if unsure then ask someone to point you in the direction of the International Arrivals area and you will find us!

Here is a map of the Newcastle International Airport floor plan:

We will be based at the far left on this plan, in front of International Arrivals and Greggs.

Who to look out for

The Meet and Greet Team will be wearing black t-shirts, and will have black and white Meet and Greet signs to help you recognise them.

Please liaise via email with the Meet and Greet staff member who has contacted you.

The 'Meet and Greet' Team

The team is made up of current Northumbria University Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, many of whom used the service when they first arrived here.

They will be there to answer any questions you have, put your mind at rest by helping you to solve any issues you may have when landing and make you feel part of Northumbria University from the moment you step off the plane!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my family and friends use the service?

  • We are able to transport members of your family and friends to your accommodation.
  • Please notify us on the booking form of the number of family and friends you intend to arrive with.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

  • We will keep a close check on flight arrival times and will remain in the airport to collect up until 12am (midnight).
  • If your flight is delayed beyond 12am then we can provide you with taxi details, directions and accommodation details.
  • Please contact us by email ( if you are aware of a delay so that we can plan ahead.

What if I arrive without booking accommodation?

What happens if I do not book the service, will I still be met at the airport?

  • We strongly recommend  that you book onto the service to guarantee a place
  • We will provide the service for all Northumbria University students, their family and friends, but by booking we are able to accurately plan the number of arrivals and arrange transport accordingly.

Is there a charge for the service?

  • No, this is a free service for Northumbria students and their family and friends arriving.

Useful Contacts





International Induction

We want to make the transition for new international students coming to Northumbria University from outside the UK as easy as possible. Our online induction will provide you with essential information on university student support services, how to register with a doctor, how to open a bank account, living and shopping in Newcastle City and other important information.

For full details follow the link 

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