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Why Study Computer Science? | Northumbria University

The top 4 reasons students choose to study a distance learning Computer Science MSc at Northumbria University. Drive digital change.

The top 4 reasons students choose to study a distance learning Computer Science MSc at Northumbria University. Drive digital change.

If you want to drive digital change and harness the power of data to build a smarter future, then studying a Computer Science Masters could give you the qualification you need.

Our online course features two pathway options: Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, for you to reach your goals and future-proof your career in the area that suits you.  

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Computer science is a fascinating and diverse discipline. Students who gain a mastery of artificial intelligence or data analytics will be at the forefront of the digital revolution, setting the rules for how our societies function for years to come. 

Companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and other tech giants that not that long ago didn’t exist will grow and evolve. They may even be taken over or replaced by a completely new type of technology that we don’t yet know about. 

These are the kinds of ideas and conversations that you can be part of with a Computer Science Masters. But apart from these exciting abstract concepts, here are four reasons to study computer science. 

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1. Computer Science Specialists Are in Demand

One of the top questions prospective students ask us is whether computer science is in demand. The short answer is yes! 

We are living in a digital age and so many things that we do every day are powered by computer science. 

We ask Google Maps to help us find our way on long car journeys, which employs complex algorithms and requires extensive data analytics. 

Many of us play music or podcasts through our smart speakers, which respond to our specific commands to give us the audio content we’re after by harnessing ever-improving artificial intelligence capabilities.

More than ever we’re also consuming the latest TV series on Netflix and other video streaming platforms – all of which are powered by computer science.  

With an ever-growing digital skills gap, employers are calling specifically for workers who are competent in robotics, artificial intelligence and data science. Computer technologists will be the driving force behind this new world that’s powered by a digital-first economy. 

In 2019 the Royal Society stated that the need for data, machine learning and artificial intelligence experts had grown by 231% over the previous five years.  

Earlier in 2021 it was reported that more than 4.21% of jobs being advertised required computer science skills. As part of the UK government-funded Institute of Coding, we’ve designed our distance learning Computer Science Masters courses to meet this demand, equipping you with the skills that employers across the globe are desperately seeking.  

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Old version pound coins 2. Your Earning Potential Will Be High 

This demand for qualified specialists means that careers in the computer science sector are well-paid, and graduates with a general Masters in Computer Science qualification can expect to earn upwards of £41,949 per annum. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the average annual UK salaries of the roles you could be well-placed to take up after graduating from one of our Computer Science Masters specialist pathways: 

Artificial Intelligence Pathway 

Data Analytics Pathway 

Learn about computer science with artificial intelligence

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3. You’ll Future Proof Your Career

As we’ve shown above, the computer science field includes a wide variety of interesting and diverse occupations. In addition to the more traditional opportunities within the field – such as software or web development, there is a new frontier of jobs that are opening in data analysis and AI. Some of these roles are yet to exist but will instead grow and evolve as the industry continues to change at a rapid pace.  

Knowledge of core computer science skills such as programming, database modelling and web development will be key to future proofing your career whatever sector your work in. The World Economic Forum predict that disruptive tech skills such as AI, robotics, analytical reasoning and cloud computing will remain in higher demand across the board for years to come. One thing is certain: no matter where you’re located or what industry you work in, computing jobs are here to stay and by upskilling now, you’ll be ready to step up and stand out whatever the future holds.

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4. You’ll Be Armed with the Skillset to Make A Positive Difference 

From the human genome project to AIDS vaccine research, computer science has driven some of the biggest scientific advances of the past 100 years. It’s helped to accelerate progress in healthcare, education, communication, manufacturing – almost every area of our society. 

Academics from Northumbria University are at the forefront of research aimed at utilising technology to drive societal change. Our work includes projects that: 

Both Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics pathways of our distance learning Computer Science Masters courses have been designed to help you immerse yourself in a research-rich environment. Throughout you’ll be encouraged to ask innovative questions and hone your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

All of this will culminate in you producing your own Masters level dissertation project in the final stages of your programme, which could help you make your own positive mark on the world.  

Computer science has the potential to affect nearly every aspect of our lives, and this is only likely to increase as time goes on. Those in-demand workers who understand and can harness the power of ever-improving computer technology will shape the way we learn, work, play and navigate the future world. 



Drive Digital Change: Join Our Computer Science Masters 

No matter your previous background, with our Computer Science MSc you’ll harness the skills needed to forge a career in some of the fastest growing sectors in the computing industry. Plus, as a distance learning course, you’ll have the freedom to study wherever and whenever suits you best. Learn more about our pathway options here: 

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