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BRP Collection

What is a Biometric Residence Permit?

A Biometric Residence Permit (BRP card) is a credit card sized document issued by the Home Office as evidence of your immigration permission. Your BRP card is your visa and will contain personal and biometric information of your permission to be in the UK. If you apply for a Student Route visa, or a visitor visa for over 6 months you will be issued a BRP card.   

Northumbria University cannot currently receive BRP cards on site for delivery or collection by students. We are not presently an Alternative Collection Location (ACL). Post Office delivery and collection is the only option for your BRP. All BRPs must be sent to the Post Office upon application.

What if I have already selected ACL delivery to the University?

We will track your BRP as due for delivery and update you as part of your enrolment. You must not attempt to collect your BRP from the University post room, as it will not be issued to you.

If I need to re-direct the BRP to a different Post Office how do I do this

You can choose to pick up your BRP from a different Post Office branch. You’ll need to arrange this at the branch you want it to go to and pay a fee. Please contact your preferred Post Office directly about this.

Does my decision letter confirm where to collect my BRP

Your visa decision letter will not state the location of your BRP. Please use your visa account to find out where the UKVI have sent your BRP. This is where your BRP collection address is confirmed.

How do I collect at the Post Office upon arrival

You will travel to the UK using your 90-day vignette (sticker) in your passport and then collect your BRP once you arrive.

You must take your passport/ travel document and your vignette sticker. If you are under 18 and do not yet have a nominated adult, please speak to a member of the Welfare, Immigration and Funding team via Student Portal. If you are required to quarantine, please only collect your BRP after you have completed your quarantine period. 

Do I need to do anything once I have my BRP

Once you have collected your BRP please locate the enrolment tab on our student Portal and upload the front and back of BRP so that we can complete your Right to Study check which releases your Smartcard.

What do I do if there is an error on my BRP

As part of your Right to Study Check the University Compliance Team will check your BRP and assist with any corrections required and notify you of this.

Further information

There is Home Office guidance here about BRP collection

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