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International Business Management Unilang Module

Compulsory enrolment information if you are studying the International Business Management programme at Level 4 (Year 1)

All International Business Management (IBM) students are required to study a language at Level 4 (Year 1). This is a compulsory requirement of your programme, and is not optional.

You need to make this choice as soon as you enrol, so we can ensure that you are allocated to a language module as soon as possible, and your student record and timetable are correct -

Please expand the sections below for details - if you have any queries, please submit them via your Student Portal. If you do not have access to the Portal at this stage, please submit an enquiry via this contact form.

To select your language option, please complete and submit the Languages For All - Unilang Options form. The form details the languages available for you to choose from. You will be asked to choose your first and second choice of language and provide details of any prior knowledge or experience you have, including any qualifications and grades where applicable.

The Unilang Programme offers a range of modules across levels and languages to reflect and accommodate prior knowledge and experience in the language. Modules are organised according to a Northumbria specific ‘stage’ structure. Students are allocated a specific stage based on their knowledge of the language.

Please note that stages may vary from one language to another. Should the information provided on your Unilang Options form be insufficient to allocate you to a specific stage, you will be invited to contact the Unilang Programme Leader to discuss this via your University email address. 

Confirmation of allocation of language choice will also be confirmed by email and the Unilang module (module code starting with 'ML') will appear on your timetable prior to the start of the programme. If you have any questions, please submit an enquiry to us via your Student Portal and a member of our team will get back to you.

The Unilang module at Level 4 is a compulsory module and you must study a language. If you do not choose a language, then you will not have enough credits at the end of Level 4/Year 1 to progress to the next stage of your programme.

Please note, we can not guarantee you will be offered your first choice language. A minimum number of students are required for a class to be viable so there is the possibility that some stages will not be able to run in which case you would be allocated to your second choice.

Unilang modules are designed to enable you to gain or develop foreign language skills to enhance your employability, skills, prepare for a placement abroad or consolidate language skills you have gained on placement as well as equip you to deal with real-life situations in the country(ies) whose language you are studying.

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