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Simona Bojare

BA (Hons) Communication and Public Relations

Where are you from?

Riga, Latvia

Why did you choose Northumbria University, Newcastle?

It's a student friendly city and an amazing university! The course is one of the top in the country.

What do you think of Newcastle and our region and what are your favourite things to do?

I love Newcastle. Everything is close enough to walk but still you've got everything you need and want. I love China town. I went to see a football match for the first time in my life and it was an epic experience. I love to grab a coffee at Starbucks and read my book in the little park in the middle of both Eldon buildings.

What has surprised you most about living in Newcastle and this region? What has impressed you most?

How close everything is and how amazing night life is! I was probably the most impressed with how friendly people on the streets are, first after moving here I didn't know how to get to certain places and people on the streets would actually take their time to not just explain the directions but actually take me to where I was going.

Did you find Northumbria University welcoming? Was it easy to fit in?

Yes, very. It's been hard but the university have been very supportive! Also my course mates have been extremely nice. Fitting in has been hard but not because of my surrounding but more because I just needed time to adapt to the new environment, I was sure it wouldn't be that different because both England and Latvia are modern European countries, but I was wrong.

What have you enjoyed most about coming to Northumbria University?

My course and the campus - it's vibrant and alive at any hour, loads of people around. It's very modern also! Also I love the sports central - great gym!

Who has helped you most since you came to Northumbria?

Wellbeing center is amazing and also my professors and course mates have been very helpful!

Who has inspired you most at Northumbria University?

I would like to point out Jackie - she teaches one module on her own and another she shares with another professor. She's just a ray of sunshine and so, so, so inspiring.

What is your favourite place on campus?

The Zone for work - 100%. In free time the sports central - gym.

Have you joined any sports teams, clubs or been involved in any volunteer projects? Tells us about the highlights?

I haven't been very active this year except for joining gym.

What is the best thing about your course?

It's diverse. It cover all aspects of communication and PR even design and subjects I didn't foresee s connected to before.

What are the most valuable lessons you have learnt to date?

Never miss a lecture without emailing professors. But on a more serious note - I've learned that positive attitude and outlook can not only help in personal life but also in studies and a positive environment can be a deal breaker!

What do you want to do in the future? What skills have you learned/improved that you think will be of most use in your future career?

I want to do PR so the whole course has been very useful! I've gained too many skills to count but let's just say that even after first year my linkedin profile already looks pretty impressive.

Have you worked on any projects with businesses or been on a placement? What were your most memorable experiences?

I am going on a placement on my 3rd year!

If you could offer some advice to students thinking of coming to study here what would you say?

Go for it. Take a risk and embrace the wind!

How do you feel you have changed as a person since being at Northumbria University, Newcastle (e.g. confidence)?

I've become a lot more independent and I feel like I now know how to multitask better too. Also University has helped me understand myself as a human and a soon to be professional. I've gained confidence in a sense where I am not afraid to voice my opinion and not care about my language barrier. I think I left the girl in me back home and I've grown into a woman.

If you had 3 words to sum up your time with us what would they be?

Educating, fun, life changing.

Would you recommend Northumbria University to a friend?


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