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Ethan Hayes

BA History

BA History Ethan Hayes (4)Degree?


Graduation year?


Year of Placement?


Country you went to study abroad?

United States of America

Type of exchange and where?

 Exchange year at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia

Duration of study abroad?

 10 months

What do you consider to be the most valuable part of your study abroad experience?

The achievement of travelling to a completely different country with different cultural norms and being able to fit in, make friends, and feel like you're at home was truly a great experience to be a part off.

What advice would you give to others considering study abroad?

Do not underestimate the work you have to put in. The process of getting visas, health insurance, etc. can be quite extensive, time consuming and expensive. However, once you've followed the steps and start your year away all the time and effort is more than worth it.

What did you enjoy the most?

The freedom to travel the world was undoubtedly one of my best experiences I took from my study abroad. Not to mention many close friends I made through the experience.

What did you do when you weren't studying

Exploring the area, attending concerts and socializing with other study abroad students were undoubtedly the best pass times at my disposal.

Who did you learn the most from during your study abroad experience?

That there is so much in the world that I want to do. There is so much you can do without breaking the bank and exploring the beautiful sites an living the experiences across the globe is certainly a valuable asset i got from study abroad.

How did your study abroad experience contribute to your employability skills?

Many employers look upon it in a great light. The very fact you uprooted your life for this experience shows you are unafraid to take risks. Since my return I have often used my study abroad as a strong talking point in interviews and it has been very well received. 

How did your study abroad experience contribute to your personal development?

I developed massively as a person. Independence certainly was the main development i gained but also just dealing with issues and problems with no real hope of a nearby parent for assistance helped to strengthen me as a person.

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