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Nazia Tahir


Why did you choose Northumbria School of Design, and what did you know about us before you applied?

Northumbria is one of the most emphasised universities around the North East and I felt extremely lucky to have been accepted onto the course I wanted to study there. The new School of Design building was also featured as state of the art which appealed to me.

Did you find the Design School welcoming?

Yes, everyone friendly with each other so you feel like you can talk to anyone. It has a lovely atmosphere.

How do you find your tutors and the staff within the School?

The tutors and staff are very open-minded and work with you as individuals so you feel at ease working with your own interests.

Tell me a bit about your course?

Personally, it’s everything I want it to be. It’s a bit intense though. You’re motivated to look at areas you didn't ever think of looking at previously, so you end up with a greater knowledge of design. Besides the course, you get an opportunity to work alongside and meet some really amazing people. The people on my course have fantastic skills and are an inspiration in so many ways that I feel honoured to be among them.

If you had to pick an object to represent your course, what would it be and why?

A mobile phone - it’s hard to get your head around at first, especially if you have not previously been introduced to the new technology it  can offer, but once you get to understand it, it’s becomes a life’s tool. Also, although someone might have the same phone (opportunity) as you, you have the chance to personalise it and make it your own.

What are the most valuable lessons you have learnt to date during your time with us?

Life's what you make it.

If you had 3 words to sum up your time with us what would they be?

Independence, Challenging, Open

What are your plans now and for the future?

I am pretty confident that there will be one of many fields for me to turn to as my course prepares you for a lot. I like everything I am covering, so I wouldn't really mind going into any one of them as a career. I'll probably look into jobs related to the course and once I feel like I have enough experience, work my way into a company or create a project.

What skills would you say you have gained/improved since the start of your course?

I have learned so many different programs that I wouldn't have even dared to look at before the course. I've also began to look through different perspectives. Looking at other people’s ideas to the same project is such an inspiration because it gives you different approaches and ideas that you would never have thought of previously.

What new knowledge of your subject area have you learnt so far on your course?

I already knew a lot about the subject because it has always been an interest of mine. But now I know the context of it all, I'm beginning to understand the designers place in the world and how it’s practised and applied. It all makes sense now!

How do you feel you have changed as a person since being at Northumbria School of Design?

Definitely independence! You learn to live and learn for yourself. If you really want to learn something you will push yourself and achieve it. Programmes I wouldn't have even dared open before, I'm now using to my own advantage. I feel like you can excel in anything if you put the effort in. It makes you want to try new things, just because you can.

Name an object that you feel represents your course and why?

Whirly pop! The final thing, looks amazing, interesting and beautiful. But the making behind it - is CRAZY! It takes a lot of skill and creativity.

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