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Nattawat Wongwilatnurak

I am interested in the social belief about ghosts and spirits presented in Thai television drama programmes, and I have got a lot of useful advice from Dr. Lee Barron, and Dr. Claire Nally who are my superiors.

I graduated from the Faculty of Communication Arts, majoring in Broadcasting, Bangkok University, Thailand. Then, I received an M.A. in Entertainment Management and Production from the Faculty of Communication Arts, Department of Entertainment Management and Production, Bangkok University. Upon finishing my study, I have worked as a full-time instructor in the School of Communication Arts, Department of Broadcasting, Bangkok University. I have taught courses in Broadcasting, such as Scriptwriting for Broadcasting, Broadcast News Writing and Reporting, and Television Set Design. Besides teaching, I have also responsible for many projects of the university. For example, I was an advisor for training people from Television Channel 5 of Thailand in scriptwriting, field working and producing a documentary.

As for research, I have some research and academic articles published in many academic journals, for example, “The Reflection of Postmodernism in Thai Television Programmes”, “Intertextuality in the Entertainment Industry”, “Participatory Communication in Online Social Networking”, “Personal Branding on Social Network”, “Retro Marketing in Entertainment Business”, and “Marketing Communication Strategies on Twitter”.

Contact me on Twitter @npchamp,, and email

PhD Research

My research is about the construction of social reality about ghosts and spirits in Thai television drama programmes and the perspectives of Thai audiences. My study is the qualitative approach which are the textual analysis, the in-depth interviews, and the focus group interviews. This research will shed light on the important area of television and cultural studies that has been a significant issue in the relation between television and the construction of social beliefs. It draws together media and cultural studies and the study of television in contemporary Thailand.

Research Theme and Scholarly Interests

Television studies, Cultural studies, Social belief about ghosts and spirits, paranormal media, Television dramas, Soap television series, Social construction of reality

Key Publications

Wongwilatnurak, N. (2011) ‘Marketing Communication Strategies on Twitter’. BU Academic Review Year, 9(2), pp. 74-86.

Wongwilatnurak, N. (2011) ‘Personal Branding on Social Network’. Nakboriharn Journal, 30(4), pp. 99-105.

Wongwilatnurak, N. (2011) ‘Retro Marketing in Entertainment Business’. Nakboriharn Journal, 30(3), pp. 201-205

Wongwilatnurak, N. (2011) ‘Participatory Communication in Online Social Networking’. Executive Journal, 9(3), pp. 78-85.

Wongwilatnurak, N. (2012) ‘Intertexuality in the Entertainment Media Industry’. Nakboriharn Journal, 32(2), pp. 103-110.

Wongwilatnurak, N. (2012) ‘The Reflection of Postmodernism in Thai Television Programmes’ Executive Journal, 10(1), pp. 91-100.


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