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Jason Young

Forensic Science

What appealed to you about Northumbria University / studying in Newcastle?

The main appeal about studying at Northumbria University was that I had the chance to not only study at a University that had a great reputation, but also the chance to study in an excellent city with a lot to offer. Another large appeal about the University is the great reputation of the Students' Union, as well as the excellent library facilities.

What was it about the course / subject area that particularly appealed?

One of the most appealing aspects of the course was the vast range of career opportunities available. I have always had a keen interest in forensic science, and having the opportunity to study this as part of a degree appealed to me greatly.

What qualifications did you have?

I applied to Northumbria University with a BTEC National Diploma in Applied Sciences (Forensics), as well as two A-Levels in Performance Studies and Psychology. I applied through UCAS whilst studying Applied Sciences at Newcastle College.

How did you feel during your first week at Northumbria?

Living in a big city and leaving home can be quite daunting, but during my first week at Northumbria there was a good atmosphere around the campus with all the staff and students. All the activities at the Students' Union helped me to make friends and enjoy my first week.

What do you like most about the course?

I enjoy spending a lot of time in the University laboratories; it gives us vital experience and helps to improve our knowledge. I also enjoy the variety in the modules, it allows us to learn about various subjects that suit everyone.

Can you give an example of a piece of work you’ve been involved with recently?

As part of one module we have been asked to create a scientific witness statement to a piece of evidence, and present this statement and answer questions to a group of peers in a courtroom.

Do you have the opportunity for any work placements during your course?

My course does have the opportunity to go out on a year long placement after the 2nd year of study. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to go out and gain a year’s worth of work in a laboratory, but also gives us a full time wage for a year which can help pay the bills.

What do you do when you’re not studying?

When I am not studying I spend a lot of time in the university gym taking advantage of the excellent facilities. I also enjoy spending time in the City Centre looking around the many different shops, and socialising with my friends via the brilliant night life.

What’s your accommodation like?

I currently live in a six bedroom maisonette in Sandyford with friends I met last year in halls of residence. In my first year I lived in Albion House and enjoyed my time there. It is smaller but it was a lot friendlier and had a good atmosphere.

What would you like to do when you graduate?

When I graduate I am aiming to join the police initially, and then branch off into working for a forensic laboratory. Studying at Northumbria has strengthened my ambitions to work in the field of forensic science.

How do you get on with your tutors?

I have a fantastic relationship with all of my tutors, they are all very approachable which does help a lot if you find yourself stuck on a piece of work. They will all take time to talk to you about your work, or just general conversation.

Have you used Student Services during your course?

I used the careers web page in my first year to help me find a part time job, and within a few weeks I got an interview with the employer who I am currently working for on a part time basis.

Do you have any advice for anyone applying for your course, or for university in general?

If anyone is worrying about whether to join university or not, my advice would be to go and study at university if the opportunity arises. You gain invaluable experience, and education that is very appealing to employers, which will help you to get a good career started.

What three words would you use to describe your time at Northumbria?

Innovative, exciting, enjoyable.

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