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What is the HEAR?

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is an electronic document produced by a higher education institution that provides a record of a student’s academic and verified extra-curricular achievements during their period of study. It is intended to provide a fuller picture of your time at University.

What does the HEAR look like?

The HEAR is made up of eight sections and can be up to six pages long.  See the 'What does the HEAR look like' section on the HEAR page for more information.

How can I access my HEAR?

To access and view your HEAR you will need to activate your Gradintelligence account. An activation e-mail will be sent to your Northumbria e-mail account approximately 3 weeks after you commence your studies.

It is important to activate your account as soon as possible to gain the full benefits of the HEAR. The activation link within the e-mail expires after 30 days. However, if you click on an unused activation link after 30 days, Gradintelligence will automatically send you a new account activation e-mail containing a new activation link which will allow you to set up your Gradintelligence account. This automatic re-send process will only work once.

If your link has expired or you are having difficulties accessing your Gradintelligence account please e-mail Gradintelligence and an new activation link will be e-mailed to you. Alternatively, please e-mail Academic Registry to request a new activation link.

What is Gradintelligence?

Gradintelligence provides a secure web-based environment to host the Northumbria HEAR which you can then access during and after your studies with Northumbria University. The Gradintelligence service allows you to share your HEAR with others such as potential employers or other universities.

What happens when to my HEAR when I leave Northumbria?

When you graduate you will still be able to access your HEAR via your Gradintelligence account.

How much does it cost?

Gradintelligence's services, including access to the HEAR, sharing the HEAR and opportunity matching are free for students.

Who sees my HEAR?

Your HEAR is an electronically stored document via Gradintelligence which you can choose to share with employers, employment agencies or other universities. Once you are logged into Gradintelligence you can share your HEAR by sending your contact an electronic token which allows them to view your HEAR.

What are the grading and awarding regulations?

These are referred to in section 4.4 of your HEAR. These are the standard regulations which apply to all of the University's taught academic programmes. Full details of the University's grading and awarding regulations are provided in the Assessment Regulations for Northumbria Awards available here.

What is Section 6.1 Additional Achievements?

Section 6.1 contains additional achievements that have been verified by Northumbria University. It can contain information about any additional awards, additional recognised activities and University, professional and departmental prizes. Please see Additional Achievements and the HEAR section on the HEAR page for more information.

What if I don’t have anything additional to put in Section 6.1 of my HEAR?

There is standard text included within Section 6.1 stating students may have undertaken additional activities but which cannot be verified by Northumbria University. Any activities that cannot be verified by Northumbria University can still be included in your CV or job application statements. As Northumbria University is issuing Interim HEARs from 2016/2017 academic year you may still have an opportunity to participate and include a verified activity for the remainder of your studies. Please see the Additional Achievements and the HEAR sction on the HEAR page to see what activities are currently available.

Can I choose what information is included in my HEAR?

Most of the information on the HEAR is nationally defined and cannot be changed. All information on your HEAR must be verified by Northumbria University.

How do I detail my project/dissertation title onto my HEAR?

To record your own dissertation title please click here

For more information please see Adding Dissertation or Project Title on the main HEAR page

If you choose not to enter a specific title, your HEAR will display the project/dissertation module title instead.

How often will the HEAR be published?

Once you have activated your registration, you will be able to view your HEAR on the anniversary of your programme. Northumbria University have issued final HEARs to graduates across the UK from 2012/2013 academic year. Access to the HEAR was provided upon completion of your award programme, known as the Final HEAR. From 2016/2017 academic year Northumbria University will also be issuing Interim HEARs as well as a Final HEAR. This means that you will be provided with an updated version of your HEAR once a year, at the end of your full year, based on the date your commenced your studies. The Interim HEARs will be issued following publication of your results. When refreshed, any new verified activities you have undertaken will be included in your HEAR.

If I have a verified activity in year one of my studies will it still be included in my final HEAR?

If you have participated in a verified activity for only the first year of your studies it will still be included in your subsequent Interim HEARs and your Final HEAR. The HEAR will detail the duration of your participation in a verified activity.

What are Interim HEARs and Final HEARs?

The Interim HEAR is an official record of your achievements gained so far at Northumbria University. It will include details of any new exam results and verified additional achievement. It will also detail the component marks for modules. Your Interim HEAR will be issued at the end of each full year, based on your programme start date. Your Final HEAR will be issued with your certificate and will include all of your results gained (excluding the component marks for modules) and will detail all of your verified additional achievements. You will still be able to access your Final HEAR after graduation as long as you have activated your account with Gradintelligence.

What is the difference between the HEAR and a CV?

The HEAR contains a record of your academic achievement and additional activities that have been verified by Northumbria University. Your CV contains your key academic achievements and other information that is not verified by Northumbria University, such as work experience or jobs you have arranged on your own. The HEAR does not replace a CV, but can be used to complement it.

Will the HEAR replace the degree certificates?

No, the HEAR will accompany the degree certificate.

Can I get a printed copy of my HEAR?

All HEARs provided by Northumbria University are only available in electronic format, we will not be able to supply you with a printed copy.

Do I really need a HEAR?

Northumbria University strongly recommends that you use your HEAR in addition to your CV as it can help showcase your employability and make you stand out to employers. As non-academic achievements can be recorded and verified by Northumbria University it is held with importance by prospective employers. Using your HEAR will provide you with information in respect of your progress and achievement and can assist with gaining temporary summer jobs, summer placements and gaining employment at the end of your studies via opportunity matching facility with Gradintelligence.
Gradintelligence provides third parties with immediate online access to the documents shared by you, as your HEAR is verified by Northumbria University there is no waiting for documents to be verified thus speeding up applications.

What is the opportunity matching facility?

In addition to issuing the HEAR the Gradintelligence website allows you to build up a personal profile detailing information regarding your educational achievements, career interests and preferences. This then allows employers who work with Gradintelligence to email and/or text potential students who meet their recruitment requirements. Gradintelligence confirms that this information can be searched for by employers but until you decide to make an application with that employer your details are anonymous. This targeted opportunity matching service is free and optional. For further detail please see Gradintelligence’s website.

What if information on my HEAR is either missing or incorrect?

In the first instance check the HEAR page on this site which supplies further information on what the HEAR is intended to include, especially the Additional Achievements and the HEAR section.

The prizes, awards and other achievements will be added by the University in May/June for students who will ultimately graduate in the summer and in November/December for those students who will ultimately graduate in winter.

If you still believe information is missing or incorrect please e-mail Academic Registry.

Who do I contact if I’m having problems with the Gradintelligence website?

If you are having problems with your username or password, please remember that both fields are case sensitive. If you still have problems please email Gradintelligence.

Where can I find further staff guidance?

All of the staff guidance can be found here.

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