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Preparing to Join Us

University can be a challenging time, but the Student Accessibility Team can help you in overcoming barriers to achieving your full potential whilst studying at Northumbria. This page outlines the support available for students with a condition which meets the Equality Act (2010) criteria including:

  • Physical conditions

  • Sensory impairments

  • Specific learning differences (SpLD) including dyslexia and ADHD

  • Social or communication difficulty such as an autism spectrum condition

  • Long-term mental health conditions

If you meet this criteria you are advised to register with the University's Student Accessibility Team who can work with you to put support in place before you arrive. Support can include a Student Accessibility Plan (SAP) for additional support whilst you study. Plus, if you are a UK Student on an eligible course, you may also be able to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) through Student Finance. Both support routes should be applied for as early as possible to ensure your requirements are in place from the start of your course.

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