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Prof Malcolm von Schantz

Deputy Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor

Department: Psychology

Malcolm von Schantz is an internationally recognised researcher and an experienced educator, who received his training in Sweden, the United States, and the UK. He has recently joined Northumbria from the University of Surrey, where he also served in leaderships positions as Associate Dean (International) and acting Pro-Vice Chancellor (International Relations). He is also an Honorary Professor at the Univeristy of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. He has received over £6.4 million in research funding from public and private sources including MRC, Wellcome Trust, British Heart Foundation, and US Air Force Office of Scientific Research. He currently holds research funding from the Academy of Medical Sciences (Newton Fund) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). His research has been published in high-impact international journals and presented both at major scientific conferences and in broadcast, print, and web-based media worldwide.

Malcolm von Schantz

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

My research focuses on circadian rhythms and sleep in humans, their molecular determinants, and their relationship with physical and mental health.

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Associations between sleep disturbances, diabetes and mortality in the UK Biobank cohort: A prospective population-based study, von Schantz, M., Ong, J., Knutson, K. 8 Jun 2021, In: Journal of Sleep Research
  • Compared Heritability of Chronotype Instruments in a Single Population Sample, Leocadio-Miguel, M., Ruiz, F., Ahmed, S., Taporoski, T., Horimoto, A., Beijamini, F., Pedrazzoli, M., Knutson, K., Pereira, A., von Schantz, M. 1 Oct 2021, In: Journal of Biological Rhythms
  • Evening preference correlates with regional brain volumes in the anterior occipital lobe, Evans, S., Leocadio-Miguel, M., Taporoski, T., Gomez, L., Horimoto, A., Alkan, E., Beijamini, F., Pedrazzoli, M., Knutson, K., Krieger, J., Vallada, H., Sterr, A., Pereira, A., Negrão, A., von Schantz, M. 3 Aug 2021, In: Chronobiology International
  • Genomic perspectives on the circadian clock hypothesis of psychiatric disorders, von Schantz, M., Leocadio-Miguel, M., McCarthy, M., Papiol, S., Landgraf, D. 2021, Advances in Genetics, Elsevier
  • Impact of obstructive sleep apnea on cardiometabolic health in a random sample of older adults in rural South Africa: building the case for the treatment of sleep disorders in underresourced settings, Roche, J., Rae, D., Redman, K., Knutson, K., von Schantz, M., Gómez-Olivé, F., Scheuermaier, K. 1 Jul 2021, In: Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine
  • Sleep disorders in low- and middle-income countries: a call for action, Roche, J., Rae, D., Redman, K., Knutson, K., von Schantz, M., Gómez-Olivé, F., Scheuermaier, K. 16 Aug 2021, In: Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine
  • Sleep Disturbances in HIV Infection and their Biological Basis, O'Brien, K., Riddell, N., Gomez-Olivé, X., Rae, D., Scheuermaier, K., von Schantz, M. 5 Nov 2021, In: Sleep Medicine Reviews
  • Subjective Sleep Quality Before and During the COVID-19 pandemic in a Brazilian Rural Population, Taporoski, T., Beijamini, F., Gomez, L., Ruiz, F., Ahmed, S., von Schantz, M., Pereira, A., Knutson, K. 12 Nov 2021, In: Sleep Health
  • What are we measuring with the morningness–eveningness questionnaire? Exploratory factor analysis across four samples from two countries, Panjeh, S., Pompeia, S., Archer, S., Pedrazzoli, M., von Schantz, M., Cogo-Moreira, H. 1 Feb 2021, In: Chronobiology International
  • Association between light exposure and metabolic syndrome in a rural Brazilian town, Benedito-Silva, A., Evans, S., Mendes, J., Castro, J., da Silva Gonçalves, B., Ruiz, F., Beijamini, F., Evangelista, F., Vallada, H., Krieger, J., von Schantz, M., Pereira, A., Pedrazzoli, M. 18 Sep 2020, In: PLoS One

Professional Activity

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Invited talk: The Baependi Project 2021
  • Oral presentation: Drivers of variation in circadian rhythms and chronotype 2021
  • Editorial work: Sleep Epidemiology (Journal) 2021
  • Other: Membership of Committee 2020
  • Invited talk: Sleep quality in the Baependi Heart Study Cohort 2019
  • Editorial work: Sleep Science and Practice (Journal) 2019
  • Invited talk: Genetic mechanisms controlling sleep and circadian rhythms and their interaction with mental health 2019
  • Oral presentation: Sleep Disturbances Associated with Increased Risk of Mortality: UK Biobank Study 2018
  • Other: Membership of Committee 2018
  • Editorial work: Scientific Reports (Journal) 2017


Zoology PhD December 10 1994

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